STPT Token Supply Update

Per our token distribution schedule, the current circulating supply of STPT is 1,123,059,889. The token unlock schedule remains unchanged and has been strictly followed since the token generation event two years ago.

The remaining team & advisors and reserve tokens will continue to unlock quarterly over the next 2 years and community tokens will unlock on an as needed basis for exchange listings.

You can find the remaining unlock amounts and the addresses below. We appreciate the community’s continued support for our project and will continue working tirelessly on achieving our milestones and growing STP.

STPT Token Addresses:

Private Sale (0 Remaining)

Reserve (528,422,278 Remaining)

Community (40,938,115 Remaning)

Team & Advisors (250,000,000 Remaining)

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Standard Tokenization Protocol

Anyone interested in learning more can visit us at

If you’re an issuer interested in tokenizing your asset, please reach out to us at:

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