‘How can I help?’ email inspires

By Rob Moher

President and CEO, Conservancy of Southwest Florida

As I sat to write this update to you, our organization was in the midst of an
incredibly dysfunctional legislative session. Our teams were in Tallahassee and at home addressing a myriad of critical issues, unpredictable swings in decision-making, and looming deadlines. At the Nature Center and in the field there was no sign of a ‘seasonal slowdown.’ Late in the afternoon, I was given reason to pause.

I realized the true message I want to share with you is one I recently received in the form of an email from a thoughtful and inspiring 10-year old girl.

Dear Mr. Moher,
My family read your commentary yesterday about our county
commission and oil drilling
. My sister and I are learning about
how government works. We are disappointed in our county
commission removing the topic of oil drilling from the meeting.
Did someone tell them to do that?
I am ten years old and my sister, Julia, is seven. When we grow
up and live in Naples, we want clean water and healthy land. I
would like other children to join this conversation with their
parents. I think if all the children in Naples knew about this, then
we could make a difference. How can I help?
Alexandra van Dongen

Upon reading this poignant email I was immediately reminded of the significance of our mission. It so perfectly and simply underscores the importance of our commitment to protecting the water, land, and wildlife so
we can preserve the quality of life for future generations.

In this issue of Update, you will learn more about our recent challenges and our many successes.

If I could leave you with just one piece of information, I hope it is this: No matter the challenges of the day, we must stay the course.

Every day we must ask ourselves, “How can I help?”

With your continued support we can continue to help shape responsible
decisions today so that we can tell all of our children, like Alexandra and
Julia, together we are making a difference.

Thank you to all of our members, supporters, advocates, and volunteers for
offering to help.

Rob Moher

P.S. Alexandra and Julia, I look forward to seeing you at camp this summer and continuing our ‘Conservation Conversations.’

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