New board members welcomed

At the Conservancy of Southwest Florida 53rd Annual Members’ Meeting, we welcomed two new board members to our leadership team.

Left: John Hall | Right: John R. Walter
  • John Hall — A familiar face at the Conservancy, John has served on the Conservancy Board previously. As an oil executive, John’s knowledge and leadership has been critical as our organization has navigated this hotly debated and very significant issue. The time, insight and personal commitment he has invested in our work is invaluable.
  • John R. Walter — John has been an active force in global conservation efforts including as a board member of both EcoAmerica and the African Wildlife Foundation. He brings a wealth of corporate leadership skills to the board along with a passion for helping people and our planet. We are thrilled to have John as a first term new board member.

Four members were re-elected to an additional 4-year term.

Left to right: Phil Gresh, Wayne Meland, Mayela Rosales, Van Williams




Rob Moher: Conservancy President and CEO

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Conservancy of SWFL

Conservancy of SWFL

Protecting Southwest Florida's unique natural environment and quality of and forever.

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