Our Mission Work Continues

By Rob Moher | Conservancy of Southwest Florida President and CEO

I am pleased to report that the Conservancy remains operational in most of its core programs, including environmental policy and advocacy, applied scientific research, and wildlife rehabilitation, all while taking the necessary safety precautions. We have closed the Nature Center and canceled offsite education programs and events until we can reopen them with the proper guidance from authorities and ensure the highest standards of safety for our participants, staff, interns, and volunteers.

While we are in a reduced operating capacity for some areas, robust work in support of our mission is taking place with your support. For example:

  • Our Burmese python research and removal team is deployed daily to address this major threat to our native wildlife
  • Our legal challenge and preparation work against Collier County Government in relation to Rivergrass Village is proceeding
  • Our water policy advocates, along with our partners, have successfully petitioned the South Florida Water Management District Governing Board to continue to send water down the Caloosahatchee River, preserving the health of the river and the downstream estuaries
  • Our teams in the von Arx Wildlife Hospital continue to rescue, rehab, and release native wildlife, despite a shortage of volunteers
  • Our animal care staff is continuing best practices as they care for our resident animal ambassadors in the Dalton Discovery Center
  • Our education teams continue to work on important projects ranging from the new Mobile Educational Classroom to the final design plans and educational programs that will take place in the soon to be expanded Dalton Discovery Center
  • Sea turtle research and tagging efforts continue along with the preparations for the upcoming sea turtle nesting season on our beaches

In short, though we are working under different circumstances, the same highly motivated and dedicated team is working on your behalf to protect our water, our land, our wildlife, and our future.

In the meantime, please know it is important to us that all of you are taking care of yourselves. Without your involvement, support, and passion, we could not carry out our work.


Here is how you can stay engaged and connected with us. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. And as always, you can get the latest information at www.conservancy.org.


We can all take this “pause” in our daily life rhythms to add a bit more “nature” into our daily lives. Enjoy a nature walk in a preserve, appreciate the beauty in your backyard, and be amazed at the diversity and majesty of the wildlife that we all share here Southwest Florida.


We are facing operational shortfalls due to our lost revenue streams from admissions, programs, and events while our mission-critical work continues. Please consider making an additional contribution, or increase your annual gift online at www.conservancy.org/donate. You may also contact the Development Office at 239–403–4205 to speak with someone regarding assisting us with specific areas of need at this time.

Thank you for being an important part of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. We have withstood many other crises and we are well-positioned to do so again with your help, the guidance of our Board of Directors, and our volunteers, interns, and dedicated staff.

Stay safe, and be well!

Most sincerely,

Rob Moher
President and CEO
Conservancy of Southwest Florida



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