Kung Fury(2015)

This 2015 action, comedy short from writer, director and actor David Sandberg has quickly become an internet hit as well a hit on the El Rey Network.

Kung Fury is set in 1985 and it looks every bit of that era. Where we are introduced Kung Fury(Sandberg) who is a martial artist cop who is hell bent on finding the man responsible for killing his partner Dragon(Steven Chew). Shortly after he is struck by lighting and bitten by a cobra and becomes “the chosen one”Kung Fury discovers that the man responsible is the most dangerous criminal in history Adolph Hitler(Jorma Taccone) aka Kung Fuhrer Hitler.

At the police station Kung Fury tries to talk his Chief(Per-Henrik Arvidius) who tries to force Kung Fury to team up with half man, half triceratops Triceracop(Erik Hornqvist). Instead, Kung Fury decides to quit the force.

As Kung Fury is about to leave the station, the Chief gets a call from Hitler who has to current day and shots the Chief and many other cops through the phone. Kung Fury enlists the help of the smartest hacker alive, Hackerman(Leopold Nilsson), to go back in time and take out Hitler once and for all.

Kung Fury is one of these rare gems that’s come along in recent memory that spoofs and pays homages to a previous era, similar to what Black Dynamite did for Blaxploitation films, Kung Fury does for 80's action film here.

With an insanely over the top plot and action scenes, the latter of which takes up the majority of 30 minute run time, Kung Fury feels like a late 80's/early 90's action video game.

The characters are very over the top but all work for this type of film, Sandberg does a very good job of creating something at first glance could just be a huge letdown in many others hands and even with a modest budget he creates a world that is very interesting. I was even surprised at how good a lot of the special effects looks.

Granted most who watch this film will not get why many are giving it praise but if you are a fan of over the top acting, action, and a time travelling Kung Fu Cop then Kung Fury is the film for you…also David Hasselhoff makes a nice little cameo which pays tribute to the fact that he was once a huge star in America and is still a big name in Germany.

If you have 30 minutes to kill I say sit back and check out the awesomeness known as Kung Fury.