The fifth movie in the long running film franchise that began in 1984, Directed by Alan Taylor, marks the return of The Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This film when first announced made me very happy as I’m a fan of the franchise save for Terminator 3:Rise of the Machines and yes I do like Salvation. The return of Arnold was good thing but at the same time not a good thing since he’s old now.

Schwarzenegger as Pops

The first trailer for this film hyped me up for the film even more since we would see somewhat of a return too 1984 but a few thing switched around, Think Back to the Future 2 when the go from 2015 back to 1985 which has changed because of certain events.

I had no problem with this, but the second trailer for me ruined what I thought was going to be a really good Terminator-movie by making a main character through out the franchise be something that we have come to know not to be, this is where I lose all hope for the film.

But after its release and listening too some mixed word of mouth I decided to check Terminator: Genisys out after all.

The film begins in 2029 with John Connor (Jason Clarke) leading the fight against Skynet like he always is in all of the previous films, his right hand Kyle Reese(Jai Courtney) is his most trusted soldier for obvious reasons. John seems to always be one step ahead since he seems to be somewhat of a prophet too his people as they make their last charge on a Skynet stronghold where the time machine that Conner says “Skynet uses too rig the game” is located.

Right before their able to get inside a T-800 is sent back too 1984 too kill Sarah Conner to which would stop John Connor from being born and ending the world’s hope for survival against the evil skynet.

John decides that he must send someone back to protect his mother to ensure his birth and the fate of the human race, everyone volunteers for this mission, but John chooses Reese too go back to 1984.

Back in 84' the arrival of both T-800 and Reese play out virtually the same as the first film except with a few changes, as the T-800 is about to kill the 3 punks, another T-800 emerges from the shadows and with the help of Sarah kills it.

When Reese arrives he’s chased by the cops into the same store gets his long coat and Nike shoes, but some how a T-1000 (Byung-hun Lee) is there and tries too kill Reese, but before he is able too an armored truck crashes threw the building. Driven by Sarah Connor (Emilia Clark) and she delivers the line “Come with me if you want too live” which Reese quickly does.

The 1984 from the original film no longer exist because the older T-800 or “Pops” as Sarah calls him was sent back too 1973 to protect Sarah since she so now Sarah knows more then what Reese does and has already become the mother of the resistance similar to how she was in T2

Emilia Clarke does a fine job here as Sarah Connor who was play great by Linda Hamilton in the first two movies, and Clarke in some ways replicates Hamilton’s Sarah, the relationship between here and Pops is nice and even touching in some scenes and is played for a few laughs.

Jai Courtney’s Reese isn’t Michael Biehn here but he is good with his spin on Reese and for the first time in the franchise we get a look at his backstory and learn why he was so eager to be the one to go back to save Sarah and his relationship with John is expanded on as well.

Jason Clarke is the ideal John Connor but he gives a good performance here but it made since why he was cast when the movie hits the midway point, i do believe another actor would’ve made Connor a little more interesting then Clarke though.

J.K. Simmons basically steals the film with his character since for the first time this character through out the franchise exist and it makes perfect sense for there to be a character like him when Time Travel is being dealt with, would’ve like to seen more of him but what we do see works, and works perfectly.

Arnold for me is the best actor of the cast here(yes I know) but he is, he seems to have built this T-800 off of the performance that he gives in T2 and instead of the relationship with John this time it’s with Sarah. The little subtle things that he does through out in regards to him being Pops is very well done on his part. I did like how they explained his more aged look and the running joke about him being old but not obsolete was good also.

The special effects here are good including the CGI which in recent years has become the main draw over actual good story, but here it doesn’t take away from the movie like it does in other films.

There are a few things in this movie that are throw away and never fully explained because it seemed they just know a sequel will be made too this film and with those looming questions mainly who seen Pops back too 1973 and who sent the T-1000 back to 1984 surely need to be explain.

All in All Terminator Genisys isn’t as terrible as some have made it out too be if you can keep up with what this film is doing with this being an alternate time line then you should be able to enjoy it, if you are some one who is still on the fence of weather or not see it, i recommend going to see it and judging for yourself.

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