RESIDENT EVIL REMAKE REMAKE Gets a Trailer and Barry is Still a Piece of Garbage

In 2002, Capcom released an updated version of the PS1 classic RESIDENT EVIL on the Gamecube. If you were a GC owner like me, this added more firepower to your argument for the system. Hey, between the MGS redux and SKIES OF ARCADIA, the Gamecube was your place to play games that were overhauled for the next generation.

I don’t agree with the notion of paying for a game for a third time. I mean, really, Capcom. This cycle will continue regardless of our complaining and as long as the money still comes in…

But it’s for a new generation of kids who have never known the glory of figuring out the piano puzzle with Jill. MOONLIGHT SONATA, BITCH.

In 2015, Capcom is going to release this updated remake of a game that is close to twenty years old. I will be there day one downloading it and yes, that makes me part of the problem, but they don’t make games like this anymore, people.

The trailer is nothing special but it gets me tingly. You tingly? We all tingly.

Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and Steam.