Straightedge is here.

Sep 15, 2019 · 3 min read
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It’s here.

To the entire community: Thank you for your support, your feedback, and of course your participation over the last months.

Straightedge is built on maintaining the principles behind distributed systems, and as testament to the idea that any individual in this decentralized world has the ability to do more than simply debate, troll, or state their principles.

We all have the ability to seek a new consensus, to fork open source code, and to persuade leading entities to adhere to democratic ideals, rather than forcing participants to accept a pre-stacked deck.

In short, we have the ability to act.

We did just that, and in the early hours of September 15th, 2019, the zero-day fork became a reality.

We’re thrilled to announce that Straightedge is now live.

Watch it live:

Recapping from our recent posts, here’s what Straightedge means for you:


Straightedge has always been about refining a distribution of tokens to support a healthier permissionless blockchain protocol, using the same software as Edgeware (based on Substrate).

The result is that participants in Edgeware’s Lockdrop who locked or signalled from a wallet address (not from a contract address) hold a significantly greater share of STR at launch compared to their holdings in EDG: approximately 14.4% more.

This is thanks to the removal of contract participation whereby users not in control of funds gained an outsized version of the Edgeware stake, and reflects Straightedge’s commitment to maintain the principles of decentralization and distribution.

Where credit is due

As a show of good faith and to invite participation from the founding teams, we have proposed a genesis block that allocates the same portion of STR as EDG to Commonwealth Labs (4.5%) and Parity Technologies (3%). We would like to take this opportunity to also give a special thank you to Drew Stone, Dillon Chen, Ryan Zurrer, Raymond Zhong and Thom Ivy.

Members of the Straightedge Launch Community who have helped to bring the Straightedge Project to life will share the remaining 2.5%, while a portion of each block reward will refill the community pool over a period of time.

Further, this entire 10%, originally designated as a “founder’s reward”, will vest over a period of three months from launch, to avoid early participants simply “cashing out”.

Come validate with us

As the first zero-day fork and launching on Substrate, Straightedge Validator software is technically identical to Edgeware at launch — as it’s a fork of the Substrate-based Validator software.This means that if you have set up a Validator on Edgeware, it ought to be easy for you to do the same on Straightedge.

To learn more about how to be a validator at launch, join the conversation in the Straightedge #validators channel on Discord, and check out the Straightedge Node repository on Github.

Moving forward together

We’re just hours into the life of this new blockchain, and we invite all developers, validators, delegators, builders, evangelists, designers, decentralization hobbyists and anyone else interested in learning more and helping out to participate in Straightedge.

Watch the network live at

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The best place to start is on Github at where we can all collaborate and continue to make change happen. There you’ll find the Straightedge node software, the Command Line Interface software, and also the source for the Straightedge website.

You can also participate in community discussions on Discord, or if you prefer to observe, follow the project on Twitter.


Straightedge Launch Community

*The Straightedge Launch Community would like to thank E.G. Galano for providing us access to an Ethereum Archive Node, which enabled us to create the genesis distribution using the data from Edgeware’s Lockdrop.

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