Strait Talk Symposium Day 2

The second day of the symposium was a packed day for our delegates. The day started with a lively discussion about the role civil society plays in cross-Strait relations with three speakers, Gary Rawnsley, Huang Min-Hua and Steve Tsang, who hail from the UK, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The conversation went from Deng Lijun to Qiong Yao to taxi rides in Taiwan. The second panel, moderated by Ambassador Richard Boucher, discussed the geopolitics of the Taiwan Strait in the context of changing world politics.

Panel on geopolitics across the strait with Bonnie Glaser, Steve Goldstein, Paul Smith and Richard Boucher

We rewarded ourselves after a day full of learning with hot pot at Yan’s Cuisine and a film screening of Paradise in Service (軍中樂園/军中乐园), a film directed by Doze Niu.

Hot pot!

All the delegates are super excited for ICR to start tomorrow. We look forward to welcoming Dr. Tatsushi Arai and our two ICR assistant facilitators Erika and Ryan.

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