A New Unified Theory: Grasping at Strings

“When the small questions seem too hard to answer, its always good to go back to the big questions.”

The notion of a unified theory is a stronghold to great human pursuits and accomplishments - it has been for ages. In every idea about the way things should be in the world, there is always an underlying assumption that explains why this particular idea is in line with how things are ultimately “supposed to be”. Even the acceptance of a truly chaotic world — where matter and organisms happen as they will with no unifying force — is still an assumption about the grand scheme of things. As such, I thought it prudent to start documenting the strings of theory I’ve been grasping from my own computations of life. After all, that is all we’re given to determine the course of our lives, a wide range of theories; some theories based purely on faith, and others based on recursive experiential phenomena. What we do know as humans is that we can escape none of the knowledge that comes our way, whether we use it to prove or disprove what we believe about existence.

I have a unifying theory, it starts with your blood. I will begin from the empirical science point of view; quantum physics, cardiac biology, neuroscience, relativity and string theory to be exact.The theory is also based on “Theological Science” schools of thought. These include Vodun (popularly voodoo), Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. I will admit, my knowledge of all those things is only a remainder of what I have found to be exciting and relevant as I study them, though I will continue to make the most particular of studies into the areas I will begin with. I have tested the idea with a few friends and albeit not sure whether I was joking or not, they could not poke any holes as they sarcastically indulged in its outrageousness. However, none of us are “experts” in the disciplines the theory involves, and that that is the next line of inquiry.

Sketch by Bernade Berna

Here is the thesis; Imagine that your soul is in your blood. That the energy which you uniquely experience 24/7 exists primarily through your blood, and every capillary is supplying soul to every cell vital in your body.Continue to imagine that your soul, in your blood, is what enables you to even fathom that something can exist and not exist at the same time (to understand quantum basics), that you can love and be unhappy with the same entity. In essence, imagine that it is your soul which enables you to understand the implications of time. That your soul enables you to think about your children’s future (even those unconceived), what past you would like to have, and determine what you would like to be doing next Saturday. I imagine this is a trippy thought to the afro heads, and blood donors out there — Don’t trip, at the moment the theory suggests that the mind (body, brain and soul) is an essential part of what makes you, but it is your blood and awareness that holds the energy together as your life, such that giving blood would be comparable to jump-starting another car with your battery. On another note, this is not to say we gave computers souls by letting them handle our time, but who’s to say really.

The next question becomes, how is the ‘soul’ in the blood? And perhaps more importantly, why?

The idea that the core animal energy is in the blood is reinforced by a the spiritual practices of various African peoples. Sena Voncujovi, a vodun priest, once explained that the reason that blood sacrifices are used in prayers is because processes move slower in universal time — therefore, the energy from the sacrificed animal’s blood is a catalyst, or an accelerator such that results may be observed quicker. If we do not acknowledge this as a great understanding of physics, we won’t have great accomplishments for years! The notion that perhaps civilizations before us achieved greater insights into physics and alchemy, among other realms of knowledge has been taking widely documented in all social platforms (science to satire). This suggests that perhaps the great scientific discoveries made by the likes of Hawking, Einstein, and others, would have worked out better for the world when combined with the ‘third eyeness’ of Imhotep, Bhudda, and many others. This understanding of how our inner energy can be accessed through the blood are is the basis of understanding why, and how exactly our souls are in the blood.

The challenge is understanding how that “blood energy” becomes a soul when in tandem with a mind. I propose that it’s all in the heart. We’ll continue to explore this theory from the angle of “Love”.