Living the Dream

It’s a freakin’ rainbow, alright?! Jeesh.

Look, we don’t all know what we want to do when we grow up (says the 29 year old), but I’m pretty sure I want to be a creator (again, 29). But, what to create? WHAT TO CREATE?!

“Creativity’s just a bunch of creative creation.” — Joey, the camel god of destruction.

There are SO many options out there, yet so few of them work. Either they don’t work as a business, or they don’t work for the customer, or they don’t work for me.

“You’re doing fine, kid! You’re young! You’ve got plenty of time to figure things out! When I was your age…” — The Walmart manager who’s worked there for 10 years and will be fired in a few months.

So, last year I started. I started to create stuff. Well, really… I never stopped creating stuff. It’s just I started doing it with a vision in mind and for a purpose.

“That’s right! The writer of absurdity does things on purpose!” — My brain, who will never shut the f&@% up.

I wrote a book. A weird book. A book whose story had been bothering me for the past ten years.

“Isn’t that a three stooges line?” — My dad’s voice in my internal narration.

I wrote the book that had started, when I was in high school, with a VHS camera, a messy living room, a script on construction paper, and my dad. That story evolved so much in those ten years; it’s hard to even tell what it was originally. (Except some derivation of Snoopy vs. The Red Baron.) We made several home movies, 5.5 of them to be exact. Then, an audiobook. A very poorly recorded audiobook in which you can hear the artificial waterfall I’d set up in the basement in the background.

“The house is a zoo.” — My mom, when I was young.

I’m not sure when these quotes started becoming accurate, but whatever. So, I wrote that book. It’s the first one I ever wrote. It’s the first story I ever wrote over thirty or forty pages long. It’s probably longer than all my papers in college combined. It’s huge, and you can find it here: (LINK).

“Uh oh. Another stupid ad-post.” — The thought that just flashed through many readers’ minds.

I’m not going to say it’s the best book in the world because it’s far from it. But, I did it. I finished it. W.u.F. exists in the world, and that’s so much more satisfying than if it didn’t. And it’s not bad either… if you like absurdity. But, I’ll humbly admit its faults. I’ve written quite a bit of two more books since then, and they’re soooo much better.

“I don’t like to read.” — Me. Always. Forever.

So, after a job as an audiobook editor, followed by writing, editing, and proofing my own book… I came to the firm realization that I really don’t like to read. I’m a slow reader, the words wave on the page, my eyes get distracted, and sometimes the white space is so much more interesting than the ink.

“Are… are these words on fire right now?” — Me as a sleep deprived audiobook editor.

I’ve continued writing, but it’s been a struggle. Yet, I still want to tell my stories. I HAVE SO MANY STORIES TO TELL. So, I started trying something new. Audio/Video stuff. Here, check it out.

That’s an audiobook-style reading of a murder-mystery narrative-poem I wrote before Christmas, as a proof of concept on YouTube. Convoluted, eh? Well, at least it turned out alright. (As of writing this, the last three chapters haven’t yet been uploaded. There will be 9 in total.)

“OH GOD. ANYTHING BUT A POEM.” — My inner high school self.

I’ve got another one in the works, and they’re entertaining and even thought-provoking, but something still feels off. Something… critical to marketing, entrepreneurship, and happiness. Something… like… BEING RELEVANT AND MAKING A FREAKING DIFFERENCE.


So, now I’m creating a plan; a purpose plan. I’ve read several non-fiction psych books recently, including The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, The Time Paradox, and Who Am I?, trying to figure out what exactly I should do with myself… and… I think it’s working! :D

“My brain’ll drag me through the burning hellscape of reading for curiosity’s sake if it’s non-fiction.” — Me. Just now. And it’s true.

This purpose plan, even being unfinished as of yet, has already begun helping me put together a better business plan and a purpose to inspire laughter, thought, creativity, and positive change in those who’ll take just a little precious time out of their busy days to read/watch my stuff. I don’t want to let those people down! I don’t want to let YOU down!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” — Apparently NOT Gandhi. Huh… (LINK)

I want to change the world by using my curiosity and humor to inspire others to pursue their curiosity and see the humor and absurdity in everyday life. With these tools, I believe we can learn, grow, and improve ourselves each and every day, to become the best individuals we could possibly be.

“Don’t forget to be awesome.” — YouTubers Hank and John Green

Well, to be awesome, we must first truly learn what awesome is. Let’s all get out there, live, learn, and BE FREAKING AWESOME.

Like… now! Do it now! :D

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