The Twitter Savant

Here’s the deal. I’ve always loved Twitter. Is it because it is eloquent like Shakespeare? Is it because it is the best market tool? Is it because Twitter is blue? The answers are all no.

Twitter is part of my e-quip-ment. As a website, it sharpens my capacity to create quips and jokes, which helps me write the jokes that I insert into my limey books.

Once in a while, I find myself unable to continue writing, and I know that Twitter is a source of positive reinforcement. I’ve had only handful of negative experiences stemming from Twitter originally. Most of those experiences were partly my own fault, in fairness.

Profile Picture = Awesome

However, this post wasn’t created for me to gloat about my awesome profile pic.

Instead this post is about being helpful. Recently, a close friend of mine, who will remain nameless, found that she was unable to continue to write her novel. Because she found herself stalled, I decided to send a character model that she had created to #WhosYourCharacter. At the time, I didn’t expect anything grant to happen, because that is a relatively unseen hashtag. Unseen hashtags are like having an invisible Ferrari, so…

But it wasn’t quite what I thought would happen. Instead, someone left kind remarks for something that amounted to almost nothing. She ended up telling me when my friend needs a beta-reader to contact her. This was a sweet moment for my friend who was having a hard time, so I shared it with her.

Her immediate reaction was, “I have to work on my book!” And she did. It didn’t take long for that initial excitement to waver, and I soon found myself talking to her about her book again. She just couldn’t make the words work.

As an author myself, I offered a silly solution. 10 word stories based on a prompt like 10 word horror stories. She wrote:

My husband came home last night… I’m not married.

This continued for some time, and admittedly I was just trying to convert her to the idea of Twitter. I posted her #10WordStories to Twitter, just to give her some encouragement, and it worked. Between last week and this week, she’s written “Chapters,” as it more than one.

This is the same reason that I think Twitter is a beautiful space to thrive, but what do I know? I’m only at like 10,000 followers @inferno4dante. If you merely want encouragement, then I implore you to take on Twitter for just a day. Tweet a couple of #10WordStories and you might see what I mean.

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