This is the face of indignation.

Ok, so seriously. The above video is about the eclipse that went over close to my house and my dog. THAT’S IT! THAT’S ALL IT IS!

“But why did I do it?” — The philosophical toddler.

Well, I’ll tell you why. Because I need to build a community. I need to build a tight-knit viewership/readership/timeship/spaceship/existenceship with a set of ten thousand eyes that will see my work on a regular basis.

Without said ship, I could make ALL THE CONTENT IN THE FREAKING WORLD and nobody would ever see it.

“He’s dead, Jim.” — Bones explaining to Captain Kirk why Picaso can’t make another painting.

I need eyes. OTHER PEOPLE’S EYES. I need my work to be SEEN!!!

Then a community can form. One in which I can interact with fans of my work. One in which I can reward people for just hanging around. One from which I can eventually, possibly, GET ENOUGH MONEY TO KEEP DOING THIS CRAP.

“Money’s like a twisted carrot. It’s the root of all evil.” — Sunstroke Garden Man.

So, here’s the idea. I give people FREE stuff. People FIND free stuff. People ENJOY free stuff. People look for MORE. I SUPPLY more. People give me COMPENSATION for my time because they’ve found VALUE in what I’ve given them. So, I REWARD them for their kindness with BONUS material. AND NOW EVERYONE’S HAPPY AND I CAN KEEP DOING THIS FOREVER AND EVERYONE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.


“Wow. That was… Yea.” — You; after watching that movie you weren’t so sure you wanted to watch, but were to bored to turn it down.

But it’s NOT the end yet. It’s barely even the beginning. With only 25 subscribers on my YouTube channel and around 2k followers on twitter with a 3% engagement rate… I’m only just now learning how to grow that community.

Join me. We could figure out this marketing crap together.

“ONE OF US. ONE OF US.” — People next to me on the bus.