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8 Awesome Strapi Plugins for Your Corporate Website

The must-have plugins for your business website developed by the Strapi community.

What is Strapi?

Strapi is the leading open-source, customizable, headless CMS used to create websites, mobile apps, APIs, etc. It can be used as a backend system to manage your content and can also be combined with various front-end technologies such as React, Vue, and others.

Strapi Installation

You must have the following items before you can begin installing Strapi:

  • NPM/Yarn
npx create-strapi-app@latest my-project --quickstart
yarn create-strapi-app my-project --quickstart

What are Plugins?

Plugins are software components that developers add to an existing computer program. They are programs that enable your software/website to meet your specific needs. They are also known as add-ons or extensions.

  • They enable your websites to do things that they would not usually be able to do, i.e., they expand their functionalities without requiring you to compose or modify any code.

The Strapi Marketplace

The official marketplace for Strapi plugins is the Strapi Market. These plugins were developed by the Strapi team, technology/solution partners, and even individual community members. It is a place where users can access all plugins. Every member is free to submit a plugin for review. After that, the approved plugins are listed on the marketplace.

8 Must-Have Strapi Plugins for Your Corporate Website

Let’s explore some Strapi plugins essential for your business website.
  • Import and export data from CSV and JSON files, as well as by typing raw text, depending on user permissions.
  • Import contents into your content type, i.e., the structure of the page your website would display, which could be either single or multiple.
  • Download files or copy exported data to the clipboard.
  • Use Content Manager filters and sorting to filter and sort data.


This article highlighted eight must-have plugins to improve the quality of your business website and its performance. I hope this article was helpful; if you require additional information, such as the installation of these plugins and other information regarding them or other plugins, please visit the Strapi marketplace.



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