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Announcing free Strapi Enterprise Editions for Students, Open Source and Non-Profits

If you are a student or working for a non-profit organization or an open-source project, this news will certainly interest you.

With the help of amazing open-source contributors, we’re on a mission to develop the most customizable headless CMS on the market, empowering developers, and content managers to create millions of applications.

Today, we are very happy to announce that Strapi is committed to support students, non-profit organizations as well as open source projects by offering them Strapi Enterprise Bronze Edition.

With this free bronze plan, you’ll be able to benefit from advanced features that are available now i.e Role-Based Access Control and coming soon i.e SSO Authorization, and Content Internationalization.

Student Qualification Criteria

If you are a student and wish to benefit from our Enterprise Edition Bronze plan, you must:

Provide a copy of your student ID Register with your student email address

After verifications, we will send you the necessary to take advantage of your free offer.

Apply Now

Non-profit organization Qualification Criteria

As a non-profit organization, you can also benefit from our offer.To qualify from this program, you must:

Be an independent nonprofit Provide proof of your non-commercial status Link to your organization’s website or web presence

Apply Now

OSS Qualification Criteria projects

Finally, if you maintain an open source project just like Strapi, you can also enjoy a Bronze plan for free. To qualify from this program, you must:

Be public and non-commercial Meet the Open Source Initiative (OSI) definition (shown here), including definitions for free distribution, source code, derived works, the integrity of source code, licensing, and no tolerance for discrimination Code of your Strapi project must be publicly available.

All you have to do is to fill out the application form below. After verification, we will send you the necessary to take advantage of your free offer.

Apply Now

An email will be sent to you at the end of your subscription in order to proceed with the renewal.

Share the Strapi Love

As a sign of appreciation for this free software, our hope is that the community users agree to become a public reference, and display links to Strapi on all the appropriate pages.

We are once again very happy to be able to provide you with the most customizable solution to carry out your web projects! Besides, don’t hesitate to add your creations to our Showcase!

See you soon !



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