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Monthly Update — December 2019

This post is a repost from the Strapi blog. To read the original post, you can follow this link.

Happy New Year!

We released 4 new versions in December, which included 12 bugs fixes and 27 enhancements. The highlight of the month was the launch of the latest beta version with the introduction of the Dynamic Zones & Components. With the ability to manage static content (e.g. pages), it’s another major step for the product in our mission to be the most flexible CMS in town.

Last month, we also reached 20k stars on GitHub! We received so much encouragement and love from everywhere — our raison d’etre 😍


We are thrilled to announce that Victor Coisne and Bayane Ahmadi joined us, respectively, as VP of Marketing (ex-Head of Community at Docker) and as Office Manager!

Victor will help us to expand the usage of Strapi across the world while Bayane will make our life easier in our beautiful office in Paris. From a company perspective, it is a massive shift; Victor is our first full-remote employee (not the last one!) who will help define and improve our current remote workflow.

Moreover, Maxime, who joined us 6 months ago as a part-time growth hacker, is now working full-time on Strapi. He will continue his awesome job on the tutorials section to provide more and more meaningful examples to the community. The tutorials page is available on our website, so check it out!

We are still looking for new team members, feel free to apply through our jobs page, especially if you are a backend, frontend or full-stack developers. Although, you might not see these positions publicized, don’t hesitate to submit a spontaneous application.


As you might know, our current focus point is to make our users happy with Strapi. We built the roadmap based on the regular feedback and responses to a survey we ran a few months ago. On top of that, we also try to apply our vision and avoid common mistakes.

The new beta release is a perfect example of that philosophy. A lot of community members ask for more flexibility in their data structure. The easy answer would be to provide new kinds of fields such as Map, Geolocalisation, Array, etc. On our side, we try to respond to the needs of members whilst making the best choices for the long-term future of Strapi. Thanks to the Dynamic Zones & Components, never before has a CMS been that flexible without having a dirty database or forgetting the best practices of database management.

Please read the full announcement of the feature here.


The core team has already started working on the webhooks. The scope of the feature has been clearly defined for this first iteration. The feature will allow you to:

  • Set a new webhook
  • Select the events when to trigger the webhook
  • Manually trigger the webhook (and be able to cancel)
  • Enable/disable a webhook
  • Add custom headers in the request

The ability to set a custom payload; be more precise in the selected events; or to change the HTTP verb used by the webhook will come in a future iteration.

Media Library

It is one of the most requested core features behind the content internationalization and administrators’ permissions. A media library is a central piece of any CMS, it is useful to upload and manage files such as images, videos, PDF, etc.

We found it was urgent to fill the gap with the other headless CMSs. Even though we allow anyone to upload files, there is no way to reuse them across multiple entries. Moreover, without any additional capabilities (crop, resize, files optimization, etc) it makes the media library less essential and fundamental. To make sure we are doing it in the right way, we are running a survey to understand what they expect from a media library in 2019?

Click here to respond to the survey.

The foundations of the library are already there, but there’s still the time to do some more updates to make them even better. The scope isn’t finalized yet, so your answers really do matter!


In terms of the agenda, we plan to release the webhooks on January 21st. Concerning the Media Library, while the scope isn’t defined yet, we can’t give a precise date. However, we would like to release it in early February.

As usual, if you have any questions about the product, please write a comment below and we will answer you as soon as possible!

See you soon 👋



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