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Re-Introducing the Strapi Community Org

Learn what the Strapi Community Organization is, how to get involved, and the goals for 2023.


Open Collective & Budgets

The council processes all reimbursement for members maintaining packages in the Strapi Community Organisation. Everything is open and visible on the organization Open Collective. Council members usually send out payments for expenses recorded every month.

Process for maintainers to get paid

  1. Money is the Strapi Collective or tied to a specific project
  2. Plugin Maintainers can submit expenses under Actions > Submit expenses
  3. Expenses must be approved by One of the admin (mostly council members)
  4. Maintainers can tie their PayPal or bank account for payments

Getting Involved

Reach out in Discord and talk to members, suggest projects to be added to the organization, or pitch your project so you can also benefit from the open collective and get compensated for work done on your project. If you’d also like to maintain other packages or answer questions, your contribution is more than welcome!

Goals for 2023

A big goal for 2023 is to be more regular with meetings; 2022 saw the organization mostly functioning in stealth mode. The org plans to be more outward with its plans and how the larger community can be involved. To set the ball rolling on that goal, they’ve opened up a competition to build the org website, with attractive cash prizes. Competition details can be found here.



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