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Strapi v4.3 with TypeScript support, Media library folders and more is live

These new features improve both the development and content management experience. Read on to see what’s new and what’s coming next.

Meet Strapi v4.3

The brand new & shiny Strapi v4.3 comes with two very requested features: TypeScript Support and Media Library folders. Read on to learn how they improve both developer and content management experience.

TypeScript support

The typings are in 🎉 TypeScript support is the most requested feature on the roadmap, and it’s available in the stable v4.3 version! It is now possible to develop using TypeScript in your Strapi applications. TypeScript support has several advantages that make it powerful versus classic JavaScript. Specifically regarding object-oriented programming and the development of big projects with multiple developers involved. TypeScript support in v4.3.0 allows you to:

  • Type inference: infer variables and return values types.
  • Access to TS features: modules, decorators, and much more.
  • Ability to compile TypeScript code to any version of JavaScript.youtu
  • Great Intellisense support, which makes discovering libraries quicker and understanding APIs easier.

Media Library folders

Strapi allows you to manage various media files (images, videos, audio, documents) in the media library. It allows you to filter, sort, and rename assets, but sometimes, the large number of files in a project makes finding the right one difficult and time-consuming. We’re happy to announce the availability of media folders — a system that simplifies your file organization.

  • Create a custom file organization: Everyone has different organizational habits, that’s why standard sorting settings will never fit all users. Organizing assets however you wish with folders is easier, using any criteria and setup system. Good news for perfectionists — it’s also possible to create folders in folders, so your file system can be as ​​extensive as you wish!
  • Manage files at ease: When many users constantly add assets, it may be challenging to keep everything in order. We added a functionality that allows you to choose the file’s location when you open it. It means that you don’t need to make unnecessary clicks to move the file from one folder to another. You can also see how many files each folder contained, when and by whom it was last modified.

New plugins and providers on Strapi Market

The official Strapi marketplace is growing every day and it might be hard to keep up with the updates. So, here are the newest plugins and providers available on the Strapi Market:

Chat with the Strapi team on the Community Call

Strapi is evolving every day and we are always looking for feedback from the community! During this community call, we’re going to demo the new features, answer your questions about our product decisions and share what’s coming next.

Try Strapi v4.3 out now

To create a new Strapi v4.3 project and try the TypeScript and Media Library folders, simply run the following command:

Migrate to Strapi v4:

Strapi v4 offers a better content editing experience and more powerful development capabilities. Follow the v3 → v4 migration guide to bring your CMS to the next level. We have recently had a live migration stream with a detailed code migration explanation:



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