Pitch Night #2 — Investors united

One year ago, we launched the Pitch Night. It is similar to the Demo Night (where entrepreneurs pitch their products to join the Strasbourg Startup community), but with a focus on business and fund raising. It was a great experience as two of the six startups have raised their seeed round since.

For this second iteration, we were pleased to have more investors than last year and still a lot of amazing startups. But first, let’s go back to the why of a Pitch Night.

The why of a Pitch Night

There is three objectives in this event. First, and the most obvious, is to connect startups looking for capital with investors. Half of the digital seed rounds last year came from the Pitch Night (Qwesta and Fizimed). It helped to achieve a new record in seed rounds. The second objective is to inspire the ecosystem. Entrepreneurs must see that the ecosystem is here to help them raise funds when they are needed. Investors must see the potential that lies in our ecosystem. The last objective is to engage the startup ecosystem. This is applying the last core tenet of the Boulder Thesis. It creates a sense of ownership and common destiny for everyone and, more pragmatically, initiate new projects/relationships/startups by serendipity.

Investors united

6 investors were gathered

The improvement of this Pitch Night was the number of investors we were able to gather. Two years ago, I noted the absence of capital for seed rounds. The situation is much better now. We have now enough money locally to raise startups at early stages (not saying it is easy to convince those investors to invest in your startup).

6 investors in bones and flesh

I wondered a lot if we should do more to convince VCs from Paris to have a look at our startups. I no longer think it is the case before a Serie A. The examples of myfood, Qwesta and Fizimed (seed rounds over 600k€) speak for themselves.

But the good news doesn’t stop here. There is more local investors that we are currently trying to gather and connect to the deal flow. If you are wealthy, a company wanting to do corporate investing or a family office wanting to diversify in the new economy, by all means contact me. Let’s unite!

The importance of preparation

One part that must not be underestimated is the preparation process before the Pitch Night itself. Startups are coached to level up their pitch and be more convincing. This year we teamed up with KPMG which I met for the first time in early March. They have a Pitch@KPMG program that they are currently rolling out in Strasbourg (have a look if you are a startup looking to raise funding). I was amazed how the pitchs were far better the week after this training afternoon.

Pitch training with Pitch@KPMG

The night itself

We were lucky to be hosted in Le Shadok which was full, the event being sold out. We had 5 amazing startups :

The 5 amazing startups of the night
  • MesSortiesCE : AirBnb for employees events
  • Transchain : Blockchain meets supply chain
  • Teewii : Student-based advertisement
  • Scalingo : Deploy any application in 2 minutes, magically
  • ViJump : Search inside videos

The place was crowded (we will definitively need a bigger venue). Rating of the event was 8.6/10 or a NPS score of 41% which is very good.

It was the most crowded startup event in this location
Thanks to Julien Saint-Jean for the photos