The 3 E’s Deeper For Content Marketing

Educational, entertaining, and enlightening content for the right situation.

I defined the WHO and WHY for your content marketing efforts. I laid the foundation for EMPATHY as part of your online presence. These concepts feel simple on the surface. The important things are the simplest.

In order to keep moving, growing, and stay engaged, customers require content with depth. That fills three specific needs for your business. Content you put out about your business must be educational, entertaining, and enlightening.

Hopefully, with all the work we put in, it leads to a glorious fourth quality. We’ll get to that at the end.

Educational Content

Content that teaches is the majority of what small business marketing is about. Not only does this establish you as an expert in your industry, it helps with domain authority. This means people find your site quicker when searching for a particular term.

This takes a few paths and uses a variety of platforms.

Introductions: Traditional media is good for this. Simple messaging and pretty graphics are great. All social media platforms can fill in connection gaps and provide a better interaction. Blogs are less effective here, but still serve a good SEO function.

Define the lexicon: This is perhaps the single best thing content does perfectly. Industry terms, regardless of the business, rarely change. Yet few people really understand the value of vocabulary out of context.

A great example of this is accounting. Trying to explain compound interest to a customer from a savings standpoint doesn’t resonate. However, using potential IRS penalties to explain compound interest will catch on quickly.

Nearly every type of platform works. I find my Facebook Live casts are viewed more often when I talk about vocabulary and how the terms apply to everyday content creation.

Case Studies: Blog work well here to explain results. That’s why you need case studies. Expounding your principles without providing tangible results from their use is pointless. That’s why I talk about clients and benefits earned from social media and content creation.

Blogs work well. Sharing other relevant case studies show authority and create connections with other experts that can be fruitful.

Entertaining Content

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Content that celebrates wins, makes people laugh, and is pointlessly shareable is wonderful. Something, perhaps, like this:

Stop for a moment and think a little deeper about content like this. Do your customers like Will Smith? Would they get the reference here? If you don’t know that answer, there’s the problem. Posting entertaining content is only useful when it resonates. What demographic do you think would appreciate this? Is it the same audience who laughs at this?

Enlightening Content

Enlightened content and educational content are in the same family, but content that enlightens is the old school biker uncle to the often arrogant young hipster that is educational content.

This is the type of content that reminds us what did and didn’t work paired with passionate reasons. Enlightenment also calms the ever rising passions of youth to the latest buzzwords and trends that are really just repackaged values from the pre-internet age.

I love watching Gary Vee hold his panels where aspiring young entrepreneurs pepper him with questions attempted to validate their own genius without results.

He smirks and tells them their dreams are great but pointless. Toss in a few swear words for effect, and he’s telling them to get off their collective butts and be something other than self-tortured geniuses and actually make something someone cares about.

Evergreen Magic

Once you have worked all three of these into your online presence, magic happens. The content becomes evergreen meaning it has life beyond just the first few weeks after it comes out.

Evergreen content feeds your buyer journey over and over thus streamlining the sales process. A simple example of this is creating a library of blog posts each defining a single term important to your business.

Each term has its place in the buyer’s journey because no one is at the same point, but they all need information that you provide. I search keywords in your industry, write blog posts about each of them, then publish over and over. The sales process is streamlined as you save time by sharing relevant info with potential customers instead of taking time with face to face sales calls.

Everyone hates those anyway. Ever sit in through a timeshare presentation in Vegas just for the free show tickets and meal? Yeah. That’s how most people feel about it, too.

That’s how I built this audience so far. My work is relevant and stays top of mind as I use eClincher to post on a consistent basis. It works wonders. I build a potential customer base and still have time to create new things.

Let’s Chat

I’m all about content and the grind of marketing at SafeStrategies. I study your customers and the market. I help you aim at the target which suits your idea. Then I fire the content, the blogs, the social media campaigns, and the calls to action to your audience. Then I evaluate the results to be better next time.

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