5 creative ways to collaborate with social media influencers

Influencer marketing is by far the most effective way of creating awareness in the digital space. A survey conducted by Collective Bias involving 14,000 respondents in US, reveals that 30% consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger. There two main benefits of collaborating with influencers:

1. Increased social media reach

By featuring your brand on the influencer’s content, you leverage on the social media reach of the influencer.

2. Demographic Targeting

You can target a specific niche demographic by collaborating with specific thought leaders or influencers of the desired demographic.

Here are 5 creative ways to collaborate with influencers

1. Run a giveaway contest

As part of their content, get influencers to run a giveaway contest of your product or service. This will create increased engagement and awareness with the followers of the influencer.

2. Sponsor a LIVE broadcast

Get your brand featured on an influencers on a Facebook LIVE or Instagram LIVE. According to Daniel Danker, product director of Facebook, 1 out of every 5 videos on Facebook is live. In the last year the amount of time people spend watching live video on Facebook has grown by 400%. Due to the highly reactive nature of LIVE videos, influencers create maximum engagement with their followers.

3. Sponsor a vlog

According to research done by Turbular Insights, 64 percent of consumers purchase after watching branded social video content. A popular form of video content by influencers is vlogs where they document their daily life or adventures. Casey Neistat a famous vlogger has over 8 million subscribers on Youtube. Leverage on influencer vlogs by featuring a product review or sponsor an activity for the influencer.

4. Sponsor a series of Instagram stories

With continued changes to the Instagram feed algorithm, Instagram stories have been the choice for influencers to create constant engagement. A feature we saw debuted in December last year, Instagram Stories Highlights, is also expected to make waves in 2018.

Sponsor a series of Instagram stories that create a story for your brand and make sure that the influencer saves the story as a highlight on their Instagram profile.

5. Sponsor a seasonal greeting post

Thai Odyssey sponsored Talitha Tan, Malaysian singer/songwriter’s Mother’s Day psot

To get maximum awareness on the Instagram feed, sponsor a seasonal post of the influencer. Influencers like most brands will do a content posting for seasonal occasions. Leverage on festive seasons by sponsoring the influencers post on these occasions. For example sponsor an influencer’s Happy Mother’s Day post to get better reach than their usual content posting.

That’s it start collaborating with influencer’s to get the best social media results for your brand today!

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