How to generate business leads with social media monitoring

Feb 1, 2017 · 5 min read

Social Media are often coupled with memes, cute kittens’ pictures, and funny GIFs. As such, these are tools mostly used to build a brand presence and interact with fans. But have you ever thought of using it for generating hot business leads? It sounds a little crazy right? So let’s take a look at the data.

Only 6% of small businesses are currently using social media to generate sales. Most of them are using social media to focus on website traffic generation or to increase their reach through bigger audiences. Can you see the blue ocean here? Not yet?.

Well, what if I add that to bring people from social media to your sales funnel is ultimately very cost effective? Companies saw a 45% drop in marketing costs by bringing people from social media on to their sales funnel, increasing revenues up to 24%.

The question then is: how is it possible to generate business leads with social media monitoring?

To do so, what is needed is to cook up three fundamental magic potions:

  • Your brand
  • Your audience
  • Your specific influencer network

Already using data to design your strategy? Prove it!

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Do you ever get notifications about people mentioning your brand on social media? That feels good, right? What if I told you that ⅓ of the times they forget to include the “@” symbol?

If you’re just sitting on the beach, sipping your Martini and waiting for the phone to start buzzing, you’re going to miss A LOT of relevant conversations happening around you. This ends up slowing down your growth (ouch!).

That’s where a Social Media Monitoring tool comes into play, to actively intercept what is being said about you. Why can Social Media Monitoring be a game changer?

  • It can offer customer support through your social media channels
  • It can gather relevant feedback on the product
  • It can detect sentiment on your brand vis-à-vis your competitors

Even better, a Social Media Listening tool will help you see how this evolves over time. I’m a great fan of Bob Parsons, and his Go Daddy, who used to say that “anything that is measured and watched, improves”. Point is: if you don’t keep track of your brand’s growth as a key performance indicator, how will you know what triggers progress and what doesn’t.

If you want people to gather around you and do what you ask, you better be the n°1 expert in the field. And what’s the best way to do that? Content! Content! Content! Successful marketing is all about delivering the right product to the right people. The same rule applies to content.

It’s not enough to grab a megaphone (aka advertising budget) and shout out how cool your new product is. Each piece of content you design should address a customer problem. You need to tap into the mind of your potential customers and truly understand what they need.

If you’re short on mind-reading super powers, don’t worry: social media makes everything easier. Think about the amount of people (=market) and the amount of content (=intelligence) present on social media. This is definitely the right place to profile and ultimately target your audience.

Using Social Media Monitoring is like having superpowers: you will be able to intercept people talking about the problem that your product aims to solve. Start from that and reverse-engineer an audience.

This is a very smart way to gather intelligence on:

  • Your buyer persona
  • FAQs about your product or service
  • Competitors

Getting these insights will help you design a tailor made content plan addressing this audience.

Remember that Social Media aren’t just a place to grow your followers, but also a space to engage existing ones!

Are you familiar with Robert Cialdini’s framework on persuasion? If you’re into the marketing game, well, you should. Among the 6 main levers that bring human beings to action, there are 2 that are core to the way we use social media: authority and social proof.

Authority is a persuasion lever that makes us more willing to follow instructions when given by authoritative figures. On the other hand, whenever you see user reviews or testimonials on a landing page, that’s social proof. Basically, both levers address our friction towards trusting strangers. Authority helps us overcome that fear through expert’s advice, social proof through a peer recommendation.

Now let’s add a variable to the equation: Authority + Social Proof = Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing is said to drive up to 16 times the engagement generated with other strategies. That’s because you leverage opinion leaders in your niche that already possess an aura of trust AND a huge following on social media.

But influencers are not all the same. You need to be able to cluster them and evaluate them with Social Media Monitoring. Only then you will reach out and launch successful campaigns together. Do this systematically, and by influencing online conversations about you and your competitors, you will be able to influence the market.

Don’t let these words be gone in the wind! We’ve built for you a short test to see how data-driven your business truly is. Click the button below and gain precious insights into your marketing strategy.


A good data-driven business begins with a strong awareness of what works and what doesn’t. It is necessary to be deeply conscious of both strengths and weaknesses to be able to overcome problems. Feel free to write us a line and tell us what you think about it. We’d love to know your opinion!

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