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Are you applying the FAC method as your digital marketing strategy?

If not I can advise you to read this article from beginning to end as it is the exact process which has given me the freedom of being an online entrepreneur and it made my life so much easier.

The FAC-Method

So what is the FAC method?

The FAC method is fully written:

F: Customer Focus
A: Analytics
C: Content Curation

1. Customer Focus

When digital marketing just got popular, a lot of companies thought that their marketing expressions should be based on their brand.

It turned out that the focus should completely go to the customer. Your customers and consumers help you promote your brand by using it. Every company should trade their information accordingly. In the new millennial marketplace, the focus on the customer takes on added meaning.

Step #1 is that you should focus on knowing your customers and what content they are looking for.

Step #2 Create a Customer Persona

Who is your perfect customer?

Describe age, gender, hobbies, languages, interest and more to get a perfect persona.

Step #3 create content strategies. Like for example the emotional selling strategy.

The reason why people are on social media so much is because they are seeking stimulus. You can see happy videos, sad videos and a bunch of other type of videos. But all viral videos which most people like have one thing in common…..

It provokes emotion…

On my Linkedin I wrote a post on how I came to the idea to start JUULR. Within 2 days I had over 11.000 views.

This was the content of the post:

“🚫 12 months without any income 🚫

I had just sold my social media agency and I was ready for a new business adventure I just didn’t know what…

I searched the internet for over 2 months each day for 8 hours I scratched my head and said to myself that I should give myself a break for at least 1 week.

And guess what…

The second day I sat in the train to go visit my mother

I sat down next to a cool looking guy Hair was fresh, cool clothes and very busy with his phone

After a while we started to talk

We were talking about the power of social media and why everybody should use it within his or her business

He told me that his followers see a post of him each day and that he only nurtured his social media followers with great content from which his followers could benefit.

When he posted something his followers would immediately do what he said. He said he had started many trends.

Of course I didn’t believe him…

So he showed me a new sneaker with lights at the bottom. Over 200 people tagged him and showing him that they were wearing those same shoes.

He told me that in the next few years “peers” otherwise know as “influencers” will gain so much power and businesses should start leveraging the power of it.

That is the moment I came up with the idea to start Juulr”

Here is a screenshot of my 11.000 views:

So a great strategy for creating emotional content really works as it provokes action to interact and create a trust-full bond with your readers.

If people like your content they will help you distribute it for you as it provides value to not only their them selfs, but also their friends and business partners around them.

2. Skills with Analytics

Using new opportunities and taking advantage of upcoming trends is very important in the new digital world.

Therefore you should be keeping an eye on your analytics.

Every social media you know have got analytics. Let me give you an example how to leverage the Instagram Analytics.

Instagram: You can access Instagram analytics if you have created a business account. You can do this by hitting the switch button to “business account”.

You will see in my Analytics that my audience is equally divided in gender and that most of my followers are between 18 and 34 years of age.

We have to choose a writing style that speaks to both men and women. We have to keep it unisex. We now know that we have a young adult audience so we have to be hip and happening but professional as the 30+-year-old people also need to like the created content.

Next we need to focus on the best time to publish the content. I wouldn’t always believe what Instagram is telling you.

Think logically….

If it is 21:00 in New York (United States) than the time in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) is 15:00. For New York that would work as most people are spending time relaxing on the couch at that time. But in Amsterdam everybody is working their butts off because they have a deadline to make and things to do.

I know that people in the Netherland mostly take a break around 12:30 and grab their mobile to just relax. If you would add the 6 hours it would be 18:30 in New York. Which is around the time people are in the subway, taxi or car. Some people already will be eating dinner, but you will get both “relaxing timezones” from the 2 countries which are thousands of miles apart.

Relaxing timezones: The time in which people relax and are most likely to grab their mobile to see some entertainment or gain new insights.

You have to think smart in able to get maximal reach with your content. And that is why you will need to be creative with the provided analytics of any given situation.

3. Content Curation

Businesses shouldn’t just be sharing useful articles and blogs. They should also share their own unique knowledge along with the content. This should help their audience to understand it and showcase their wisdom in the process.

Don’t overcomplicate your digital marketing strategy!

Yes, digital marketing is complicated but here’s the thing.

Many businesses make it way too complicated for themselves without them knowing it. They don’t get the results they would’ve wished for. Instead it takes them a lot of time and money without getting results.

Your business could easily be one of them. If that’s the case here are 3 signs which may show you that there are easier ways to strive for the best digital marketing strategy.

#1 You’re posting the same content on way too many sites or social media

As a company, it’s key to be active on more than one social media platform.

Though that doesn’t mean that you need to post everything on every social media platform you’re using.

If you open up all of the platforms and post the same content on each social media. Your followers will see it to much time. You will have to choose 2 or 3 social media at max to distribute the same content to.

There are social media tools which can help you streamline the distribution.

Like for example Buffer or Hootsuite

These tools allow you to post on multiple platforms at the same time.

This will hopefully help you guys to not get your head spinning anymore and of course save yourself lots of time.

#2 You’re spending too much time on creating content

Of course, brainstorming is essential for a good final product but it shouldn’t drain all your time.

If you do spend hours brainstorming it will cost you a lot of useful time. If you just can’t come up with good ideas you should try and reorganize your content creation process.

First off you’ll need to make yourself a content calendar.

Do this for preferably a month forward so you’ve got enough time to brainstorm in between your social media posts.

When it’s time to write a post you’ll have the topics in place and can immediately start writing.

#3 You’re forcing yourself to come up with original content every day

As you read, your consumers want to see relevant and original content that they can use themselves. So the keyword you should focus on is…

Providing value

I always think: “How can I solve my reader’s problems”

And I don’t know if I do it all the time, but my goal is to truly help them to find the solutions to their problems.

This is how your customers will engage with you online and see you as an expert in your niche.

However, it isn’t necessary to create your whole content strategy on original content.

What’s important is that you also reuse and put earlier content together.

If you don’t do this it will become a much bigger challenge to stick to your usual content strategy.


#1 Focus on providing value to your customers by knowing their problems
#2 Solve their problems by providing value
#3 Create a strong content strategy based on analytics
#4 Don’t overcomplicate your marketing strategy
(KISS -> Keep It Stupid Simple)
#5 FAC stands for: Customer Focus, Analytics and Content Curation

Tip: Use influencers marketing, both social and blog influencers, to increase your rankings, with efficient linkbuilding, in the search engines and increase your online visibility.

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