Your Content Feed is Broken

Strategic Content Marketing
5 min readJan 5, 2015


Sadly it has been since 1997.

The current state of content feeds.

All of our content is delivered to us in some type of feed. On TV it’s through a visual display of persons or media that tell a story. We sit in a passive way to consume the constant stream of information.

On our devices where we take a more active role in controlling our Point of Acknowledgement along the feed’s timeline. As we scroll/tap/swipe we are telling our content feed what to present to us and over what period of time.

The Point of Acknowledgement is represented by the eye.

Our Point of Acknowledgement is the moment when we (the user) understand what we are viewing and can then recall that this information has been consumed. It is a continuous moving variable that helps us track where we are in time. It’s our present state, in a content feed.

How have we made a mess of this.

Let’s imagine you are scrolling through your Instagram feed, delightfully viewing your content feed as each new image is a joy to receive. Then you eventually hit the image where it all stops. You’ve seen this one before.

Now, you have no choice but to retrace all you steps and return to the top; in hopes there are new images.