‘Designed Inconvenience’ is a very intelligent move…

Have you ever wondered why do you struggle in finding sign out button in most of the apps? Let me tell you why do apps want their users to struggle for sign out.

This is very interesting to know that designers buried the sign out intentionally in some corner of the app. This is called ‘Designed Inconvenience’. No designer would want users to sign out the application ever so they thought of hiding it somewhere beneath the soil. When a user is signed out he would not be getting any push services and that would break the ecosystem between the user and the application which hampers the progress of the application.


Let us take another example: Facebook is widely used all around the world and loved by all. It is growing very fast and effectively. A new feature launched some time back ‘Auto-play video’. Video plays automatically on timeline with no sound. Have you wondered why there is no sound until users click it once? This is a beautiful example of Designed Inconvenience. Facebook designers do not want their users to get distracted with different volume of sounds as user are busy in exploring the timelines. So they designed mute auto play videos on timeline scroll.

It is a behavior which is designed to make user struggle for some particular actions which can hamper the user experience ecosystem.

I am very thankful to Juan J. Ramirez who introduced this topic. I really like the article.

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