BookDerek LaFever Lists 3 Strategy Books You Need to Read in 2020

Derek LaFever
Dec 30, 2019 · 3 min read

In the business world, the ability to successfully strategize is an invaluable asset. As with any other skill, strategy needs to be learned, and with the right resources, you can learn to become more efficient at formulating the plans and decisions necessary to carry out your goals.

Derek LaFever, the Senior Director of Information Technology & Strategic Planning at FOX Architects, has comprised a list of three best-selling books that will enhance your understanding of business strategy.

  1. Competitive Strategy — Michael E. Porter

Michael Porter outlines the professional framework necessary to compete with industry elites, while generating a superior return on investment. He states that in order to cultivate a sustainable competitive advantage, businesses need to implement three generic strategies; low cost, differentiation, and focus. Porter states that a business can only outperform the competition if it can establish a positive difference that it can preserve over time.

Competitive Strategy has helped form the basis of strategic thinking for decades and has been translated into nineteen different languages. Derek LaFever claims that the book simplifies complex terminology while providing individuals and businesses with the tools needed to successfully navigate the competitive business landscape.

2. The Four Disciplines of Execution — Chris McChesney & Sean Covey

The Four Disciplines of Execution details why companies fail in the implementation, and subsequent execution, of their goals. The quality of leadership in these failures is called into question, and four principles are established as guidelines towards better management.

According to Derek LaFever, this book provides individuals with the fundamentals required to execute their long-term goals amid varying responsibilities. Chris McChesney & Sean Covey also emphasize the importance of engagement and accountability for success. They claim that leaders have the power to create the ultimate performance management system by finding ways to consistently motivate their employees.

Derek recommends this book to anyone looking to enhance their day to day operations. With over half a million copies sold, it remains a strategy staple.

3. Good to Great — Jim Collins

Good to Great provides a comprehensive account of a five-year analysis of elite companies that managed to achieve success after years of maintaining a subpar performance. Jim Collins explains that some companies are able to make the transition from good to great, while others find themselves unable to withstand the test of time. Throughout the book, Collins defines the universal features required to make the shift by analyzing some of the world’s largest companies including, Intel, Coca Cola, and General Electric.

He further argues that sustained performance is achievable when the blueprints are strategically engineered from the start. Overall, the book emphasizes that ‘good’ is the enemy of ‘great’ and that companies should never settle for anything less than the absolute best in everything they do.

With over 20 years of experience as a hands-on corporate IT leader, Derek LaFever has highly effective management skills, providing oversight in the form of cutting-edge business strategies.

Strategic Planning & IT with Derek LaFever

Information Technology Expert Derek LaFever Discusses IT Trends and Strategic Planning

Derek LaFever

Written by

Derek LaFever of Heathsville, Virginia, is the Senior Director of Information Technology & Strategic Planning at FOX Architects.

Strategic Planning & IT with Derek LaFever

Information Technology Expert Derek LaFever Discusses IT Trends and Strategic Planning

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