Strategic Social Networking Launches on Medium!

During the course of this past year, we’ve been actively looking for ways to expand our now fast growing and 120,000 member strong social networking organization. While our original thoughts were to launch our dedicated domain, we’ve decided instead to make use of Medium as a publishing platform to grow our brand and offer our members a way to contribute and get more involved with Strategic Social Networking as a whole.

Introducing the Strategic Social News Wire publication on Medium!

With tens of thousands of IT professionals, bloggers, and social media enthusiasts under our brand, we encourage all our members to contribute to the new publication. Whether you’re new to the world of social media and tech blogging, or you’re a seasoned professional, we’d love to publish your ideas for the world to see.

Everything published here will be showcased and promoted across our social channels, including Strategic’s flagship Community and brand page on Google+.

Both I, and an active administrator, Davina Ngei, will be the acting editors for the publication, at least in the beginning. All submissions must be approved by either Myself or Davina, and all posts will be subject to the requirements listed below:

  1. You must be an active member of Strategic Social Networking in order to contribute to this publication. There are no fees involved, just join the community on Google+ and you’re in.
  2. The content submitted must be original and must be authored by you. It cannot be content that was published elsewhere on the web, and you agree not to republish said content to any other social platform, website, etc. If we find duplicate content, we will remove it and you will be banned from our community entirely.
  3. To submit content, create your posts on Medium and save as a draft, then contact us by email and include your Medium user name so we can add you as a writer. Or, you can send a direct message to Strategic’s brand page on Google+ using the link provided above. You will only have to do this once, the first time you submit your work.
  4. Submit your drafts by clicking the … icon in Medium next to where it states publish to select the Strategic News Wire publication and send us your content for review.

Benefits For Contributors:

Strategic has a global reach in the millions, and content that’s published here will get promoted widely across a number of social platforms, offering you the chance to grow your audience and purpose on the web. We will also take contributors into account later on when we decide to hire additional staff to work on projects for both Strategic and other media outlets we run across the web.

We will launch Strategic’s domain at some point, but for now we’re sticking with Medium because of its ease of use in content publishing.

For those who aren’t familiar with our social networking organization, feel free to check out this post on PCTECHAUTHORITY to learn more about who we are, a little bit about our history, and what we have to offer: 4 Years of Strategic Social Networking — Growing A Social Empire!

“Strategic Social Networking — A community for helping each other achieve more through social networking.”