An End-User Driven Approach to Analytics — The New Paradigm

Imagine a scenario where everybody within an organization from high level executives, to business unit managers, to individual contributors, has the ability to visualize, discover, explore, and consume data easily and intuitively. Instead of relying on static reports or summarized briefings from a single, separate department, every individual, no matter their role, can have access to actionable data driven insights from textual data at their fingertips.

We’re all aware that there’s an explosion of textual data that’s being created and most of us realize that harnessing insight from it can lead to better business practices. Virtually every functional business unit can benefit from data driven insight. A marketing manager may want to correlate messaging with customer feedback, an executive may want to identify issues that could affect the business, or a customer experience professional may want to understand the customer drivers from a call center. The possibilities of leveraging unstructured textual data to better business practice are endless. This, however, requires a shift from today’s traditional analytics approach to one that is user driven.

Stratifyd is bringing this new analytics paradigm to life. We help end users to access insight from unstructured text. We’ve developed a powerful yet easy to navigate platform for end users looking to mine insight from any type of textual data. By eliminating many of the barriers currently faced by analytics initiatives, end users throughout an organization can finally gain intelligence from the vast stores of internal and external information available.

Why Traditional Analytics Initiatives Fall Short

Traditional analytics services are bottom-heavy. They require an army of support personnel to launch and to maintain, require expertise in extracting value from the platform, and ultimately the lion’s share of business activity is spent on preparing the data rather than analyzing the data itself. This outcome is counterintuitive to why an analytics effort was initially launched. Not enough time is being spent on properly analyzing and interpreting analysis results.

Straityd — 100% End User Focused

Stratifyd has participated in countless projects to harness the power of unstructured data and to apply it to everyday business practices. Our experience indicates that the single most important factor between successful and unsuccessful projects hinges on an end user’s ability to access, to explore, and to properly interpret data. With the end user playing the leading role in creating business value from data, technologies must be focused on empowering them to do so. Ignoring this will more often than not lead to prolonged and costly deployments that produce disappointing results.

We put Data Analysis Back in the Spotlight

Straifyd offers an end-user-driven solution for any size company to reap the benefits of unstructured data analysis. We do this by eliminating many of the barriers currently faced in analytics initiatives, ensuring that end users have fast access to insight with meaningful analysis, while providing a turnkey solution that does not require any bolt on capabilities — our platform synthesizes text analytics with visual representation in one platform. Our solution is easily deployed, requires little maintenance, and ensures adoption throughout all levels of an organization through user friendly interactive visualizations.

Through our interactive visualizations, end user visual data analysis and consumption is easy. Learning to navigate our platform takes less than an hour instantly augmenting your awareness of events that can impact your businesses. Our visualization platform is intuitive, ensuring that analysis can be embraced easily by all. It reduces training lead times and greatly encourages user adoption. From the executives looking for high-level briefings, to the brand manager looking for line item detail, our platform enables each individual to determine their level of engagement in simple fashion.

Our deep computing technologies automatically extract the themes, topics and emerging issues from any data set eliminating the need for lengthy configuration cycles. While the end-user maintains the flexibility to customize the platform with taxonomies or domain specific terms and phrases, our analysis platform requires a bare minimum of effort to launch and maintain. With the end user in control of the reigns, this frees BI, analysts, and data scientists from daily support burdens and allows them to focus on known challenges as well as anticipating new ones that may arise.

Data needs to be properly prepared for analysis. It needs to be cleansed to eliminate content that is not relevant to the end user and it needs to be formatted properly so that it could be ingested into an analysis engine. Fundamentally, we host our platform in NoSQL structure with various DB connectors that can automatically pull data out and push it through out analysis platform. Our platform doesn’t require mobilizing the IT department because it can be conveniently deployed both in private server settings as well as in encrypted public cloud services. Simply send your data toward our end-point, and our system will cleanse and format your data for the analysis.

The Stratifyd Takeaway

Stratifyd has designed an end user platform to facilitate data analysis in unstructured data. It is easy to deploy, intuitive to navigate, and provides a springboard for companies to empower their stake-holders to incorporate data driven decision making into daily practice.

With Straifyd:

  • End users can focus their energies on what’s important — analyzing data
  • Virtually anybody in your organization can become a data scientist
  • Data driven insight can guide decision making throughout the entire company

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