Customer Insights for a Competitive Edge

Customer insights ultimately lead to sustainable growth of your business. Once you know why your customers do things a certain way, it will be much easier to establish and build long-term relationships, and create a competitive edge for your business. There are two aspects to customer insights that businesses, small or big, need to attend to:

  • The intersection of the interest of the consumer and features of the brand: understanding the desires and moods that motivates a customer’s actions.
  • Business collects, organizes and interprets the information to acquire, satisfy, and retain customers and clients.

Because of the massive amount and the unstructured nature of customer insights, it is not easy for businesses to collect, analyze and make sense of the data. Customer insights in a digital age requires data collection from different sources in order to get a holistic picture of customer behaviors. For example, do customers buy your product online, or prefer to come into the store? Which vendor are they likely to get your product from? What are your customers saying about your product and services, and how can you use that information to tailor to their demands? Knowing the answers to these questions can give your business a competitive edge in the market.

Signals platform makes it easy to perform and consume data analytics to answer these business questions and develop better business approaches. In addition, you don’t need to be a data scientist or hire a consultant to do so!

  • Bring data silos together in a holistic visual interface with unified augmented intelligence: we operationalize data analysis by breaking down large amounts of data in categories useful to your own business needs
  • Self-service data analytics : Signals has built-in data connectors which makes it easy to scrape customer reviews and feedback data from a variety of eCommerce sites including Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, BestBuy, App Store, Google Play and social sites including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Analysis jobs can be run in minutes, without the need of a data scientist or IT expert.
  • Consumable data visualization: common themes, emerging issues, geographic locations, and trends are easily captured in the Category, Buzzword, Geo, and Temporal graphs. As frequently discussed topics are displayed in order of statistical relevance, these graphs quickly shed light on the most important areas to address.

How can your business utilize big data analytics to improve your competitive edge in the market? The Signals platform enables large companies and small businesses to maximize the efficiency of distributing data-driven insights to front line organizations, including customer service, marketing, strategy, and product teams.

  • Customer Care: inform and empower your frontline employees to easily understand customer demands and experiences, move from predictive — “what is likely to happen” to prescriptive — “what we should do”.
  • Product Management: provide data support for tactics that improve your brand’s effectiveness in growing and retaining customers. (See our related blog post: Customer Data Analytics and Brand Marketing.)
  • Competitive Analysis: generate market insights to help you distribute custom-designed marketing measures.

It is clear that customer insights can provide your business with a competitive edge when applied to making business and marketing decisions. Bringing data silos together, you will have a holistic view of the story your data is telling. Signals’ s self-service data connectors make it easy for anyone to analyze data ad hoc. Its intelligent visualization makes the analysis results readily consumable.

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