Integrated Visualization & Deep Machine Learning Solution for Customer Insight

The vast majority of data being created today is text data. Unlocking the valuable insights in unstructured text data, however, continues to be a challenge of many companies. Data analytics tools including Domo, Sisense, QLik, and Skytree focus more on the structured data than the unstructured. Tools such as Clarabridge and Medallia Solutions tap into unstructured data to help gather insights for companies to manage customer experience. Yet without deep machine learning capabilities, the intelligence platform can’t capture customer voice in its full capacity.

To extract the most value from unstructured text data, we identified the need for a tool that combines integrated visualization with deep machine learning capability, and that is what the Stratifyd Signals platform is created to achieve.

The core vision of Signals is to unify customer voices by bringing together structured and unstructured data streams together. It understands all types of data, from online chat in customer service, to email, surveys, product reviews, and social media streams. Signals has the ability to accurately read text, understand its context and extract relevant and actionable insights that matter most to your particular interest.

Areas where Signals makes an impact:

Consumer Insight

  • E-Commerce Product ratings and reviews
  • Customer Surveys
  • Online Communities

Customer Care

  • Customer emails and chats
  • Call center logs
  • Website satisfaction

Social Media Monitoring

  • Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, etc.
  • General Research
  • News/articles, records, etc.

Some enterprises use Clarabridge to mine customer data, manage customer experience, and see sentiment analysis. While Clarabridge provides an intelligence platform, Signals is a more powerful solution platform in unifying customer voice. Here is why:

Deep Machine Learning Capability

While sentiment analysis is a key function of Signals, its deep machine learning capability allows you to do something more organic. It enables you to listen to your customer data from the ground up and identify trends and patterns as they emerge.

Integrated Visualization

Signals results are displayed directly in front of the user. It allows the user to click on items to drill down into the data and to customize the view. Additionally, every item in the results is interactive — it can be used as a filter to the entire data set, making it easier to understand the “why” behind the data. Changes are rapidly displayed on the screen.

E-Commerce Application

Signals is filling the gaps of unstructured data analytics by bringing data silos together across E-Commerce platforms. With its easy-to-use data connectors such as Amazon, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, BestBuy and Etsy, Signals can quickly understand customer needs, wants, and feelings across major E-Commerce retailers. Utilizing its built-in data connectors to Facebook and Twitter, Signals empowers the voice of customer through brand or product-specific social media comments. It helps companies answer strategic questions such as where to sell their products and helps them quickly educate themselves about consumers or new markets.

Other capabilities of Signals:

  • No taxonomy required. Signals combines advanced text analytics and natural language processing techniques to give voice to the data from the ground. However, if you want to customize the results for your business, it provides a taxonomy tool to supplement the results, and has an import tool if you want to take a taxonomy from another platform.
  • Signals is a turnkey platform designed for the front-line user. No IT required to start analyzing data. The user has the ability to upload ad-hoc reports on the fly with our CSV file upload tool.
  • Signals allows multiple data sources to be displayed side-by-side on the screen.

Built-in data connectors are a standard part of the platform. Acquire data from many websites including ecommerce sites, app stores, product review sites, and internal data from your CRM and other other databases.

There are many data analytics software, tools, and platforms on the market, and the majority of them focus on structured data. When it comes to unstructured data, Signals combines advanced text analytics and natural language processing techniques to expose to you the 80% of information that is missing from other data analytics system. Signals integrates data from sources, both internal and external, public and private to unify customer voice.

To learn more about what Stratifyd Signals can do for you, Click Here.

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