Stratifyd sets Stage for International Growth

Original article published by the Charlotte Business Journal — Jul 20, 2016:

Derek Wang CEO Stratifyd

Our founder and CEO, Derek Wang, was recently interviewed by the Charlotte Business Journal.

Derek spoke about a variety of topics, including our international growth plans. Stratifyd already has an office in Beijing, and we are now opening an office in London.

Things have moved fast since we formed in 2012. This June, we rebranded from Taste Analytics to our corporate name, Stratifyd, and moved to an office just outside uptown Charlotte. See our cool new space in the picture below.

Stratifyd OfficeStratifyd Office

Derek told the reporter that the brand name change was heavily debated. He told her: “While Taste Analytics means the interplay between human and computer, it’s a little vague. Stratifyd came from the term strata, meaning the unveiling of layers upon layers of data for the end user, which is more direct.

In addition to our international expansion, Derek spoke about the recent launch of our Signals 2.0 platform (read announcement here) that allows big companies to layer data on a single dashboard that analyzes and categorizes the information. We’ve created an analytics platform that provides “the fastest path from data to revenue.”

A few excerpts from the article:

On growing a company in Charlotte: Derek said that many of our clients are around the Charlotte NC region. It is the second largest financial center in the U.S. and there are many manufacturers here, giving us many local opportunities. From a city point of view, “Our employees are enjoying the lifestyle, and I think it’s very convenient with the international airport here.

On the temptation to move to Silicon Valley: Stratifyd has investors based in Silicon Valley, which makes it tempting to move there. However, Derek told the reporter: “I decided I would only want to set up an office there — not move the whole headquarters. I still believe this is the right place to grow a tech company. Charlotte is really good to us.

On the launch of the Signals 2.0 platform: Derek explained that the new version is easier to use and has added many new features for customers. We want Stratifyd to be the “Google for analytics.” Any business can use our taxonomy-free, augmented intelligence platform to gain insights from textual data. Derek said, “We are hiring a lot of Ph.D.’s to add to our process to push the research boundaries when we can.

Please read the full article on the Charlotte Business Journal. If you have questions, or want to try out our Signals platform, contact us at We’d love to work with you!

Original article on the Charlotte Business Journal: