Customer Success in Challenging Times

Marco Monteiro
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4 min readJun 2, 2020


During these days, we most certainly have heard or even spoken the following words:

“Nothing will be as it was before.”

But what do we actually mean by that? In which sense will nothing be like it was before? For better, for worse or simply a “new normal” unlike anything else we have seen so far?

These and many other questions have been constantly hovering in the minds of people. We most likely have more questions than answers, and there is no proven recipe to deal with events of such randomness and magnitude. Since history is not always the best guide to understand what is to come, let us take a look at what the present time is showing us.

Changing paradigms is difficult sometimes, it usually happens in a gradual and adaptive way, however, the reaction of the market in which we operate has been surprisingly quick to adapt and look for new automated management tools. During these last two months at Stratio, we have noticed interesting trends in the behavior of our customers, in the way they perceive and use our products and services. For instance, we have noticed a 100% increase in the number of interactions on our online platform, coupled with an exponential increase in usage time by sessions and a greater number of accesses by customer accounts.

Despite all the inconveniences caused by this pandemic, and because many people are currently and almost exclusively working from home or office, it is really exciting to see users having a deeper experience with our product. It is a great opportunity for them to realize the many advantages offered by our remote management tools and to learn more about the new features that can be applied to their daily work. We know that this significant increase in the usage of our platform is very positive for our customers, allowing them to:

1. Catch up with the new features we release on a bi-weekly basis

2. Come up with new ideas on how to efficiently operate work remotely

3. See the real benefit and cost savings of remote work

4. Get familiar with the many improvements of the platform since the start of their project

5. Find new ways to carry out their activities while respecting social distancing

Stratio Foresight

There is so much in our online platform to be explored by the project manager, traffic controller, workshop leader, fleet manager, vehicle technician, service engineer, service advisor, and other platform users. Professionals with different profiles, perspectives, and needs, can greatly benefit their activities, and better support their companies, once they have the opportunity to get a more in-depth experience with Stratio Foresight platform.

In the customer success journey, we seek to have strong empathy for our customers by knowing and sharing their concerns and needs, hence avoiding to follow the trivial communication and support model. Instead, we study case by case so we can bring added value to each customer situation in particular. Once we understand the obstacles faced by each customer, we then have the opportunity to help them at a much deeper level.

In addition to that, we have a product that offers a great response to the new challenges as well as opens doors to exciting new maintenance automation trends which will most likely change the ways businesses are conducted in the industry. Once a new environment of innovation is created in solid ground, companies and entrepreneurs will have paved the way to reinvent and differentiate their businesses, allowing them to succeed through the uncertainties of the future.

The advantages of our products and services have never been more evident, providing connectivity between people and services, reducing operational costs, automating tasks, and promoting business efficiency. All of this is built on a safe environment that protects people and their resources, making it a must-have toolbox for companies striving to adapt to the “new normal”. These tools are already available but they are not in themselves the solution to the problem. Companies must embrace such innovations, break technological taboos that prevent them from growing and moving forward. Tools do look great when hung on the wall, but far more useful in the hands of the right people.

Our focus is to offer our business partners a constant state of innovation, offering resources that allow them to become creative, profitable, and resilient in the face of future adversities.

The “new normal” can be even better, more efficient, profitable and ultimately sustainable for the long term, it has to do with the way we face the challenges ahead of us, with our capacity to look beyond the obstacles, reinventing our standard ways of doing things and the ability to turn difficulties into opportunities.