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Applying BehavioralEconomics for marketing & sales of Nutra Products

Nutrify India webinar, where Issac, Venugopal and myself presented. Check out timestamp wise areas covered in the presentation:

0:00- Vitamin Vs. Pain killers, setting the context

0:13 — Introduction about the speakers

3:13 — Presentation agenda — Inertia, Triggering action, Scaling Nutra business

3:33Inertia & Temporal discounting and the vitamin consumption connection

6:30Temporal discounting applied to Kharra consumption & Nutra products

8:14Bringing the future to the present-Framework

10:50Triggering action

12:05 — Bringing the future to the present

18:15Breaking inertia with loss framing

19:53 — In the real world — Bringing the future to the present + Breaking inertia with loss framing: Anti- Kharra case study

23:38 — Case study: Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada

33:55 — Case study: Medifast

36:55 Making it extremely easy

38:30 — Case study: ITC Aashirvaad Sugar Release Control Atta

41:11 — Case study: Weight loss product

42:53Scaling Nutra Products the right way

43:34Tiers of customers

45:09Life stage/age markers/ nine enders + digital targeting

47:54- Nutra products as ingredients for FMCG companies

49:56 — Understanding customers food preference — Moving away from the pill format

57:34 Opportunity in the Indian market

1:00:36Tapping the opportunity

1:05:20 — Summarizing key points

1:07:11How we can help/services offered



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