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How to ‘Double your Business, Profit & Sales’ through automated selling

Intro video presentation covering the approach to doubling business, sales & profit.

  1. Steps that most businesses miss
  2. How to use a sales person’s annual salary cost to create 100 salespeople, cut out marketing and sales cost while controlling selling quality at the same time.

Topic timestamps (click chapters for specific parts)

  1. The types of businesses for which it works
  2. Structure of presentation
  3. Assess your businesses’ sales situation
  4. Going granular on the sales & profit problem
  5. Doubling your business stages
    1) Sell & Serve 1st 10 non FFR customers
    2) Contanizeration
    3) No cost scaling
    4) A|C|M|R design
    5) A|C|M|R score carding
    6) Expanding audiences & installing revenue amplifiers
    7) Paid Scaling
  6. Critical skills required
  7. Implementation methodology & rough fee

Link to video presentation:

If you would like a free 30 minutes consult on how to implement automated growth engine for your business that cuts cost and drive sales, use this link to pick a date and time —

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Subash Franklin

Founder- StratSprint Consulting | Increasing sales and cutting costs for companies by implementing Automated Sales Machine