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How to do more SALES With less.

Sales in autopilot + The 2 secrets that media giants, high charging consultants and agencies don’t want you to know so that they keep vacuuming money out of your business

Ever felt like to need to clone yourself or your best salespeople? Most founders and CEOs think like this because their junior and midlevel salespeople, most of the time, will not be presenting, selling the right way.

Are you facing difficulty hiring, finding the budget to pay for good salespeople and ensuring that they follow up on leads, nurture them and close sales?

Are you spending time prospecting and qualifying rather than doing the actual selling?

Do you feel that you are working in the business rather than on the business?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above questions. Then I want you to check out this short video when I break down ‘ automated sales’ step-by-step and show you how to overcome these problems where most businesses go wrong. Gear up to drive sales like a machine the automated way.

Some of the points I discuss in this 28 mins video. I also present a way to solve these problems.

  1. Why thinking like a marketer is bad for your business and long-term sales?

2. The controllable and non-controllable part of your sales process

3. The business design and structuring that will stop the leakage of sales and increase conversions and monetization

4. Four nodes to check before hiring salespeople or even spending any money on paid ads

5. How SMBs and start-ups can scale sales with less or little resources?

6. Where to look inside your business to create sales before looking at outside options?

When you register, you will be receiving actions steps and checklists to audit your sales and business process.

Here is the registration link:

Check out the 1 mins overview video:

If you would like a free 30 minutes consult on how to implement automated sales engine for your business that cuts cost and drive sales, use this link to pick a date and time —

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Subash Franklin

Founder- StratSprint Consulting | Increasing sales and cutting costs for companies by implementing Automated Sales Machine