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Filters galore, and a look at what’s coming next

Action on the top and bottom

Fresh out the gate this week we’ve got a somewhat smaller update for you, including some new content on your Player Overview page, along with the first couple updates for our next project, a major update to your Match Overview pages! We’ve had big plans for overhauling the Overview (and to some extent, Summary) pages for some time now, and we’re very pleased to be nearly complete the first of those, your Player Overview.

You’re in control

A couple weeks ago we introduced your first Player Overview filter, allowing you to switch between different time intervals for your stats. Today, 6 more filters have gone live! As you can see, they include Heroes, Positions, Game Modes, Lobby Types, and Party status. There’s also a special easy-access toggle for removing Turbo matches from your stats — a much requested feature!

With the exception of Solo/Party, each new filter supports multiple selections, and every filter supports any combination you desire. In addition, the options in the Game Mode and Lobby Type filters are sorted by your most played instances of each, showing the total match count within the filter options, to allow you to quickly select what’s most important.

Also, if you prefer to have certain filters set all the time, you can now breathe easy knowing that we preserve whatever you previously filtered by on a Player Overview page!

Who would have thought there are 24 different games modes!

The Road to Grandma…

At the bottom of your Player Overview page, you’ll find your new Top Dota Plus Heroes section, which highlights up to your 8 highest level Dota Plus heroes! Heroes here are sorted left to right from highest to lowest Dota Plus level.

We begin tracking Dota Plus heroes at level 11

Underneath each hero is its win rate and match count. Both your heroes and their stats respond to any active filters. For players with no Dota Plus heroes, this section will not appear.

To see all of your Dota Plus heroes, along with many more stats, click the small top-right facing arrow at the top-right of the section.

Into the chronosphere!…or maybe not

While we’ve still got a couple things planned for your Player Overview a little bit later on, this week we’ve begun unveiling the first parts of a major update that’s coming to your Match Overview pages! These include an entirely new pageheader, and a new associated match quick navigation bar.

Your new pageheader significantly increases the emphasis placed on critical information like which teams were playing, the score, and match duration and outcome. This pageheader will sit atop of each of your Match pages and subpages, and there are still some additional updates coming up.

Similar to before, you have the ability to navigate between different matches within a series without leaving the page. We’ve moved this functionality underneath the pageheader in this update, and we’ve got plans to expand on what this navigation is capable of in future updates.

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See you soon!

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