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A Tale of Three Lanes

Let’s see how it ends

Arc, lane matey

Every game of Dota has 4 parts: the draft, the laning phase, the destruction of an ancient, and everything inbetween. So…basically just the laning phase.

Okay maybe there’s a little more than that, but the significance of the laning phase is such that we’ve been spending a decent chunk of our last few weeks building out tools to help you evaluate and study each of yours. And this week, we’re releasing the final pieces of the puzzle.

First up, to finish off your new Match > Lane > Overview page, we’ve added several new details. The most obvious of these is the new Lane Headers, which show some of the primary details regarding overall lane outcomes.

The ultimate face-off

The left side of the new Lane Headers is reserved for details about Radiant, starting with the condition of their tier 1 tower at 10 minutes. Next to this, you’ll see the Radiant’s collective K/D/A values. There’s still a bit of space on each faction’s side to fit a bit more data, which we’ve got an idea for that we plan to introduce sometime later on.

The right side of each Lane Header is reserved for the Dire team’s data, which mirrors what’s shown on the left. In the center, you can see the lane matchup, along with the lane outcome, which we partially introduced last week. The lane outcome that you’ll see from now on is a matured algorithm that we’ve tested against about 800,000 matches, and the results are looking excellent!

The new lane outcome algorithm will enable us to reveal never-before seen analytics regarding how the laning phase impacts the game at large, and we can’t wait to begin revealing some of Dota’s little secrets with it! Here are some the basics:

  • The Top and Bottom Lanes are drawn (no winner) about 26% of the time, and the Middle Lane is drawn 32% of the time.
  • Each of the three primary lanes has a winner (but isn’t stomped) about 60% of the time.
  • Stomps occur about 13% of the time in the Top and Bottom Lanes, and about 8% of the time in the Middle Lane.
  • Winning your lane improves your win rate by 10%.
  • Stomping your lane improves your win rate by 20%.

We’ll be releasing some more detailed figures, and go into more depth regarding lane outcomes, in a future blog post.

As of today, these new Lane Outcomes are still available exclusively on your Match >Lanes > Overview page, and starting next week you’ll see them begin to appear in other places on the site.

Let’s see Paul Allen’s card…

Next, we’ve just released a complimentary laning breakdown page, your new Match > Lane > Positions page! This page reuses most of the data found on the Overview page, but lets you easily directly compare the performance of heroes by position. This new perspective can be used to look across lanes to see how the behaviors of different heroes in the same position created different results.

Alongside this new content, we’ve also polished up the existing Laning features, and added a few small things. This includes cleaning up the table headers, adding assists alongside kills in the CS chart, improved the foundation icons (black on black on jet black just isn’t that visible), made the inventory sliders move together across all open rows, and more.

In response to some reports that there may be individuals who have been attempting to work around our regular API limits, we’ve introduced new security features. The only difference that regular users should notice as a result in an even smoother experience.

As always, there are several new releases that are right on the brink of being unveiled!

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Did you miss our last Supdate? Check out part 2 of our series on Lane Updates!

See you soon!

Eric Phy



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