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Battle Pass Update: Part 1

Introducing the Battle Pass macroeconomy

Valve has led the world in creating the largest esports prize pools for more than the last decade with the help of each years’ Battle Pass. While things have been a bit different since TI10 was postponed, the Battle Pass continues to be a major success, with TI11's prize pool currently sitting over $12.7 million USD and rising.

This year the Battle Pass has been broken into 2 parts — will that result in a larger prize pool again?

While the tournament’s biggest contributors, like the reigning TI Battle Pass champion (and speculative Saudi Prince), contribute huge sums to each prize pool, the lion’s share comes from over a million dedicated players and fans. However, nobody has ever gotten a detailed look into how many contributors are investing in different amounts of levels — until today!

“I’m sensing a pattern here!” — Weaver

Your new upgraded Battle Pass leaderboards now show not only how many players have claimed each major reward found in each Battle Pass since TI 2018, but also the total distribution of investment by players across the board, along with the approximate total amount contributed by each subset of players!

52% of all TI11 Battle Pass buyers so far have less than 60 levels. Fewer than 19% finished with less than 60 levels at the end of the TI10 Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass isn’t over for more than 3 months!

On the top left of your new page, you’ll see a menu button that lets you navigate between each supported Battle Pass page, going back to TI8. Underneath that button are the primary details regarding the Battle Pass including its current prize pool, buyer count, and time remaining.

The cirlects (circle-selectors) show how many players claimed each of the big rewards. You can see the level that each reward is unlocked at by checking the graphics above the chart, which have guidelines underneath to pinpoint their unlock requirements.

The chart breaks down each Battle Pass into small intervals of levels. For TI 2022, this interval is 10. In the screenshot above, you can see the tooltip that’s revealed when hovering the chart. The tooltip shows how many players are currently within that range and the total percentage of Battle Passes that theirs represent. You’ll also see the “% Range” that those players represent overall, e.g. players between levels 510 and 520 are in the 96.14 — 96.97 percentile of buyers.

Below that range you’ll see the approximate cost that each player could have spent to achieve their level. This is calculated using the current costs of Battle Pass level bundles, which currently is 24 levels for $10 USD, after defaulting to $10 for up to 99 levels, and starting at $45 for 100 levels. We have no way to calculate exact expenses (currency type, bundle per purchase, special discounts, etc), so this is just a reasonable approximation. The “~Sum Spent” is the “~Cost” multipled by the player count within that range.

Who doth challenge thou mighty Prince’s 100,000 levels?

Underneath your graph, you’ll find the new Battle Pass leaderboard, now with infinite scroll. We’ve added the country and bracket for each player, which is data that we intend to create some interesting analytics with — stay tuned for Part 2!

At the moment, you need to spend about $900 to make it into the top 100. That value was nearly doubled at the end of the TI10 Battle Pass!

A couple nice additional updates were released today as well, including much improved performance for loading the thousands of Featured Hero Guides. You can now check out all guides nearly instantly!

More performance improvements were made across parts of the site, including how we handle data from live matches, and user interactions with data from series on leagues pages.

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