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Battle Pass Update: Part 2

Breaking down investment by Country and Rank

The STRATZ Battle Pass Meta Analysis extravaganza continues! This week, we’ve added two new pages and lots of new data! Most of these data have never been seen before.

First, the Battle Pass updates that we introduced last week are now concentrated on your Battle Pass Summary page, which now includes (in addition to top Player contributors) a preview of both the top Countries and top Ranks by total expenditure.

Remarkably, out of the 195 countries in the world, 255 of them include Battle Pass contributors!

Beyond the Summary page, your new Battle Pass section now includes pages to see all Players (with at least 500+ battle pass levels), Countries, and Rank Medals.

Your Players leaderboard page contains several new columns of data for you to check out for each player. These include how many Battle Passes each player has purchased between now and TI8 (when we began collecting this data), approximately the total amount they’ve spent since TI8 on battle passes, and which country or terrority they claim to be from, if any.

Your new Countries leaderboard page shows [more than] every country on Earth, rated by the most important attribute of all: Battle Pass contributions! Now you can track in almost real time how much players from each country have collectively and [on average] individually spent, how many players have purchased a battle pass, what percentage of players who purchased battle passes were from each country, and how many Aegis Replicas were earned by players from each country.

And of course, you can go back in time to check out the ratings from each of the last 6 battle passes!

Finally, your new Ranks leaderboard page shows the same data as your new Countries leaderboard, this time by Rank Medal. Interestingly, there’s a near-perfect inverse relationship between average individual player contribution and rank, from low to high. Immortals, on average, have spent $53 more on their Battle Passes ($39 vs $92) so far for TI11!

We hope you enjoy perusing these new additions…we have a lot more coming up to celebrate TI with you this year, and have a little bit more to share with these leaderboards as well. Stay tuned!

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Did you miss our last Supdate? Look back at the Battle Pass Update Part 1!

See you soon!

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