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That’s the Spirit

Many of us learned to love Dota not just because of how excellent a game it is, but because of how excellent we’ve seen it be played. The top professionals in the world inspire new players to join the game, new strategies to define the meta, and new records to be set for prize money and stadium attendance.

While we at STRATZ have always known that the heart of Dota is in the millions of members of its community, we also know that so much of its soul comes from the professionals who dedicate their lives to defining excellence. Many of the pros of the past are still active, and many have moved on to new roles.

Our release today helps to celebrate the history of the game by providing a look back on the players who have contributed to each professional organization, and indeed to every team in the game. Introducing the Team Players page.

The Team Players page is the latest in our continuing releases of professional-centric Dota content. It contains every player who has ever officially played with a team, as a stand-in or otherwise, and shows their position, top heroes, KDA stats, win rate, matches, and the date of their first and last matches with the team. For active DPC players, it also shows how their average kills, deaths, and assists over their last 25 league matches compare with their contemporaries’ averages from the most recent DPC league. For each player, their averages are only compared with those of the same position.

We look forward to adding filters to enable you to further contextual the stats that are shown here in the near future, and there is much more to come for the Team [and an unreleased related area] pages in some of our upcoming releases!

You lost? Be found!

Next up this week, we’ve got a set of improvements to the Search page experience! Search is one of the first destinations for many of our first time users and veterans alike, and today’s update represents one step closer to realizing our vision of optimizing your way to find what you’re looking for.

To achieve this, we’ve used our trademark Cirlect filters to highlight every category currently available within the STRATZ search system, with room to grow. There are 9 such categories now, with 3 new ones to differentiate professional content from the rest. Pro players, teams, and leagues now have their own filters and result sections. Also, the sections that each category is displayed within now defaults to only showing a single line of results, allowing those who choose to scroll instead of using a filter to be able to navigate through the entire set of search results much more quickly. To see all the results in a section, simply click the “Show all results” button at the bottom of any section, or select a Cirlect filter.

There are also two filters that are exclusive to the Players results section, which can be found in its header. These are for Player rank brackets and regions.

As ever, there’s more to come in the Search domain that we’ve got scheduled for future releases — until then, we hope you get where you’re going more quickly and easily than ever before!

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See you soon!

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