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Dota 2 Player Rank Distribution

A visualization of every ranked player, always up to date

With an eye on every Dota 2 match played in the world, STRATZ is in the unique position to present comprehensive aggregates for player and match data. Today, we begin to do just that with the release of your new Players section.

11.5% of ranked Dota players are Heralds, though very few of them have only 1 star

The first page in this new category is the Ranks page, which plots out a breakdown of players in Dota by bracket and rank. At the time of this writing, there are 6,472,314 ranked Dota 2 players in the world. The most populous bracket right now is Crusader, where 22% (1.4 million) of all active ranked players are currently battling their way out of the trenches. In contrast, only 3.3% (215,519) players are active in the Divine bracket.

While we’re excited to begin pushing out some big-picture data like the Players Ranks chart, the real highlight of today’s release was made possible by members our community investing a bit of their time and expertise in making more accessible to millions of players worldwide.

And this is only the beginning 🗺

Today, we’re grateful for the opportunity to express our collective gratitude for the translation contributions from 💝 Spectral_Leamare (Russian), 💝 Ingi (German), and 💝 Cuauh (Spanish)!

These three have found the time within their busy schedules to complete the localization of into three languages. While just this year alone we have users from 188 countries, these new languages are used by a huge number of them. Russian (1st) and Ukrainian (6th) players are some of our most active users, while Germans are comfortably sitting in 12th place so far this year. Peruvians are our 10th most active users by country, while several thousand more Spanish-speaking STRATZ users hail from Argentina, Spain, Chile, Mexico, and more.

We couldn’t be more happy to begin cultivating a more approachable and understandable environment for our non-English-speaking users. A very special thanks goes out to Spectral_Leamare and Cuauh, both of whom have contributed to STRATZ+ and other localization initiatives for us in the past. Ingi very generously reached out to offer their skills in making German a first-class language on STRATZ.

Lastly this week, Blukai and Carceri went digging through a long list of reported bugs found across the website, squashing several, while polishing out some details on the new Heroes section and handling some unusual situations on the Match pages.

In addition to the regular maintenance routine, Blukai also took special care to address some areas of concern regarding performance. For example, some of our users noticed that if they left STRATZ open in a tab for several hours, it would sometimes begin consuming a large amount of RAM. This was because of how we handled Global Highlights across the site, and is now resolved.

Another example is the sliders used to control from which minute data is displayed on several match pages — both match-specific, and those found across each player profile. These could suffer from serious lag, greatly deteriorating the experiences on these pages. Thankfully, this is no longer the case, and we expect you’ll have smooth sailing across these sliders moving forward ⛵️.

While we’re on the topic, one of the most impactful performance updates in recent history came from the hands of Ken, who almost magically appears to have cut the loading time of pages across by a factor of between ~1.5 and 4! This update actually took place some two weeks ago, and we’ve been keeping a close eye on any unexpected behavior from it. There’s been none detected, aside from a massive win for everything navigating to and around the site! This is a very obvious upgrade, and we think you’re really going to enjoy it.

Think you’ve got what it takes to join the STRATZ team? We’re looking for a new Machine Learning Developer!

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Did you miss our last Supdate? Get the scoop on our complete Diretide support and hero meta by patch!

See you next Friday!

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STRATZ provides free player data and statistics for Dota 2.

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