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DOTA 7.23 & GraphQL 💝

Valve just gave us 2 new heroes, while STRATZ now gives you 2 ways to query your match data

STRATZ is prepared for the new Outlanders 👽👽

Supdate 6 is here with another roundup of what’s been happening at STRATZ! This Friday we have something special for our API users. We’re very happy to announce that we have officially begun to support Graph Query Language (GraphQL) as an alternative means of collecting your DOTA 2 statistics!

Our REST API remains in active development, and isn’t going anywhere.

GraphQL is basically a syntax to describe how to ask for data. It can be written in just about any language, and has been exploding in popularity recently. Companies like PayPal have written about just how awesome it has been for them, and now STRATZ API users can begin to enjoy those same benefits.

Find out more about GraphQL from a concise article or from its official documentation

To get started with GraphQL from STRATZ, just take a look at the response from using a tool like graphiql-online.

The story behind STRATZ’s move to GraphQL began as an experiment from STRATZ’s lead React developer Blukai. While exploring Netlify as a potential alternative to Heroku, Blukai fell in love with Netlify’s AWS Lambda functions.

Lambda functions can be used to add a GraphQL layer between a REST API response and a frontend request

It wasn’t too long thereafter that our team began to recognize the power of GraphQL, and its potential for our inhouse development workflow. So after a little bit of 😯, 🤔, and 🤓, we now offer complete access to statistics from every single DOTA 2 match via our new GraphQL API. Ken and Keo will be working hard to fill the remaining gaps in our GraphQL offering while we continue with our many new releases. From now on, you can expect any new STRATZ API updates to include both a GraphQL and REST format.

Void Spirit and Snapfire have joined the defense of the Ancients

If you somehow didn’t hear, DOTA 2 had a massive new release this past Tuesday, called The Outlanders Update. With huge new releases come huge and hurried efforts to support all the new changes at STRATZ. We’re happy to report that our website and API suffered only minor outages and issues following this 7.23 content release.

Meanwhile, fresh data has been streaming in all week for the new heroes, Void Spirit and Snapfire. Void Spirit is currently sitting at an overall 50.1% win rate for the week with a 42.2% pick rate, while Snapfire is still trying to nail down her cookie recipe, coming in with a win rate and pick rate of 44.5% so far. This makes her the overall 3rd worst hero at the moment, ahead of Ember Spirit and Morphling (both 44.1% win rates).

Behind the scenes, we’re finishing the first release of our private new pro analysis tool that we spoke about for the first time last week. This will continue into next week, though you can still look forward to some nice updates on We’ll introduce them and give you access next Friday!

Think you’ve got what it takes to join the STRATZ team? We’re hiring!

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Did you miss our Supdate last Friday? Read about our unannounced Pro tool, new filter system, and more!

So after a little bit of 😯, 🤔, and 🤓…

See you next Friday!

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