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Synergies and Counters go live alongside TI11 Battlepass stats

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The long annual wait is over and the TI 2022 Compendium has arrived! While it’s been met with mixed reviews (has it ever not been?), there are still many hundreds of players who have rushed to claim their replica Aegis of Champions — about 1700 at the time of writing!

Fan favorite [and literal Dota royalty] Yuki has wasted no time in jumping near the top, currently occupying a smooth second place position. Check out the Leaderboard to see how things are progressing!

Moltres is countered by water types

Also new this week are your complete Hero Matchups pages! These pages complete the data found on your updated Hero Overview pages, giving comprehensive insights into each heroes’ synergy and counter ratings using weekly sets of data.

Synergy data is sourced from all ranked players in valid ranked matches between Thursday-Thursday each week, and is updated each Saturday.

Your new Matchups page can be filtered by a range of paired bracket tiers, allowing for an intimate look into hero compositions from your skill level. You can use the page search to quickly find any hero you’d like, and then continue to sort the table to see how they rank in each sorted column.

The top of the page includes four small sections highlighting the top 3 heroes in each primary pairing category — best/worst versus/with. This covers who your hero plays best and worst with, and who counters or is countered by your hero the most. Also, these sections are interactive — clicking on them sorts the full table by their respective categories!

In addition to those four primary categorizations, you can also sort the table by hero name, match count with or versus, win rate with or versus, and rating with or versus. This gives you a wide range of means to find answers to specific composition questions. For example, while it’s great to see that Phoenix counters Spectre harder than any other hero (+6.4%), she still only has a 48.9% win rate against her. Sorting by Win Rate lets you discover that Phoenix has actually had the most success against Monkey King (57.3%), and still has a +4.0% counter score against him — a great pick!

If you’d like to jump around between heroes to check out each of their Matchup pages, just click on the table row with that hero — your filters will be preserved so you can keep studying without interruption!

Since we ensure that the synergy data is both always up to date and also includes only high quality matches from legitimate players, some hero-filterset combos can have relatively small sample sizes. When this happens, we’ll let you know with an alert that says to be aware of the fact that Synergy and Counter values that are based on low match counts don’t have as high confidence as those with higher match counts. This alert appears when fewer than 100,000 matches are found in the dataset you’ve filtered into.

Also this week, we‘ve added support for the 7.32b gameplay patch, and have been continuing with a massive series of upgrades to our backend — something that, once completed, will enable us to offer entirely new ways to explore STRATZ analytics both using our tools, and with those of our partners! Short periods of downtime are possible while we continue these upgrades, though they’re expected to be few and far between.

We’ve also begun looking into the few issues that have recently cropped up in STRATZ+ alongside the recent Dota updates, and expect to have fixes live soon!

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Did you miss our last Supdate? Take a look at the updated World Leaderboards!

See you soon!

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