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Major STRATZ+ Fixes

If at first it didn’t work, try, try again

Since its public release three and a half months ago, many tens of thousands of Dota players have sought the advice of the first A.I. powered draft assistant. All too often during that time, users have run into our most commonly reported problem: it didn’t work.

This past week, Blukai has been running around the STRATZ+ yard planting citronella candles, coating the doorways and windows with RAID, and just all around fumigating the whole dang place. As a result, he’s been able to annihilate the worst bugs of them all — the ones where STRATZ+ doesn’t let you use STRATZ+.

Update: STRATZ+ 0.8.9 will go live tomorrow, July 11th. You can get access now by changing your Updater Channel to Beta in STRATZ+ settings.

If you tried STRATZ+ and it didn’t work, try again

Today’s version 0.8.9 packs several dozen fixes for users who weren’t able to automatically detect their drafts in-game, and for the frustrating bug where users were told to change out of full-screen mode, even though they already had. Additionally, we have fixes for double-picked heroes not being banned, a few fixes to GSI not working in Spectator Mode, and improvements to the timeliness of the ban recommendations. Likewise, we’ve also greatly improved our support of ban detections, added support for coaches on your opponent’s team, and added support for arcana and persona portraits on a huge range of resolutions.

There are still a number of rare reports that warrant additional investigation, but today’s release is anticipated to cover almost every critical error that users have reported 🦋.

Next up…

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Last week we told you to look out for a major change to an existing page on your profile, and it’s here! Your new Player Breakdown page replaces your old Player Summary page, and adds the ability to compare your stats across the last 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and your entire career. As an added bonus, we’ve included the ability to compare your stats with any other public player! Just click to player name above the new right column, and search for the player you’d like to compare yourself with.

Your new Breakdown page comparing Nigma.GH’s lifetime stats against EG.Ryoya

Your Player Breakdown page gives you access to unique insights about your performance, including how well you’ve performed at different hours of the day, different days of the week, at different ranks, various match durations, in different party sizes, at various ranges of IMP, and more. The new ability to compare these stats against other players enables previously hidden contexts to be drawn regarding your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Once we’re ready to go full throttle on enabling new filters across the site, you’ll have even more ways to learn about your performance.

STRATZ AI is moving very close to a big announcement, as a major overhaul is being actively tested that promises to greatly improve STRATZ+ prediction accuracy, and reduce network requests inside STRATZ+ from 2–3 seconds on average, to literally milliseconds. Dota drafting happens very quickly nowadays, and load times in your draft assistant need to be extremely quick to keep up. We’re hoping to talk more in depth about our results with this next week, with a big release coming as soon as everything is confirmed to be ready for prime time.

We also have some exciting news for Individual Match Performance (IMP) this week. IMP has remained largely unchanged since being upgraded to a neural net-driven system earlier this year. Though behind the scenes, we’ve been preparing another major update that promises to both improve performance detection reliability across the board, while making IMP easier to understand for both new and experienced STRATZ users alike.

In the very near future, the formatting of your IMP scores will be changed from the existing 0 through 255 score range to a new -100 through 100 score range. This range of values will make the relationship between your performance, and your impact on your team’s win probability, much more direct.

Earlier this week, Ken began the huge process of converting all old IMP scores to this new format. We’re able to convert the 10 IMPs from each match at a rate of about 12.5 million matches a day, though there’s a pool of several hundred million matches that still need to be processed.

The bigger news however, is the creation of our new IMP. We call it…IMP 2! Our new IMP is a major improvement to the existing model, and it’s already being used to evaluate all new matches. However, you won’t be able to view the results of IMP 2 on just yet — we’ll be unveiling it in an upcoming release alongside the biggest update to your Match pages since the original release of the Match Playback page over 3 years ago. We’re roughly targeting an end of month release for that mammoth, and we’ll obviously talk more about it then. In the meantime, there’s plenty of new content coming your way 💝.

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Did you miss our Supdate last Friday? Behold the first images of the new designs that are adorning your STRATZ!

See you next Friday!

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