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Nemestice Battle Pass Leaderboard

Can the Spectre Arcana and Davion’s *wink* compete with the Aegis and Baby Roshan?

The first Battle Pass of 2021 is now live, along with the brand new event mode, Nemestice. As always, STRATZ has jumped straight into the action with today’s release of the worldwide Battle Pass leaderboard, with an emphasis on all of the top goodies that players can unlock. That means the new Davion persona for Dragon Knight, the kidvoker Dark Artistry set, Spectre’s Phantom Advent arcana, and of course, the new :davion_sexy: emoji.

While the last major reward from this Battle Pass is earned at level 500 instead of the usual 2000 [for Baby Roshan], it will still be interesting to see how many players want to invest in reaching each tier. You can also check out the Battle Pass levels of your favorite players — LGD’s NothingToSay has already earned his Davion.

16,457 players earned the Baby Roshan from TI9

While our current priorities are largely centered around creating great support for TI10 this year, we’re also upgrading and greatly expanding the STARTZ Hero(es) pages as part of our completionist approach to all forms of Dota analytics. Last week we introduced two new Hero Graphs pages, showing Win Rates, Pick Rates, and Match Counts across various periods of time, as well as across skill brackets.

This week, we’ve released a first-of-its-kind Hero Attributes page, allowing you to scrub through levels 1 through 30 to see change in attributes and stats for any hero. Except for Tiny of course, since he has no Agility, except for any Talent Tree attribute points he picks up.

Also this week, we’ve continued to buff up the Leagues pages, specifically to bring attention to the TI10 qualifiers, which are now front and center. Beyond that, there have been several improvements made across the Leagues sections, including adding a special podium to highlight the winners of completed Leagues, showing the prize pool breakdown for teams where available, turning league images into links to their respective pages across the site, and condensing the League Calendar wherever possible to bring attention to where the action is happening now.

We’ve got more to come for each of the these areas in the coming weeks, especially for Heroes and Leagues. Until soon!

Think you’ve got what it takes to join the STRATZ team? We’re looking for a new Machine Learning Developer!

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See you soon!

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STRATZ provides free player data and statistics for Dota 2.

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