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Oh, What A View!

Your profile just got a whole lot bigger

Another lovely Friday!

Remember the side shops in Dota? Oh yes, back in the days of a single shared courier for each team, it was great to be able to buy critical early game items without leaving your lane. But sometimes, you weren’t anywhere near the side shop, but you’d still have to walk all the way over to it. This wasn’t especially exciting, and could be even worse if you then had to go all the way to the fountain because the enemy Nature’s Prophet decided your team doesn’t deserve to have a courier. 😩 🌲

Sometimes it’s nice to have everything close by, together in one place. And sometimes, you get lucky, and what you need is alright right beside you. Well…today you’re lucky, because today your STRATZ profile has gotten a bunch of new content, reducing your need to navigate around to find important stats!

Beginning with the top of the page, let’s take a look at what’s changed so far…

For when 10 years ago isn’t as important as today

One highly requested feature we’ve received has been to add filters on your Overview page. Today, we’re beginning to fulfill those requests by introducing a way to quickly filter between multiple time periods from your Dota career!

Your new Time filter defaults to showing you data from all of your matches (with a temporary limit to your most recent 10,000 for performance reasons), and allows you to look at your recent history with options for your last 12, 6, 3, and 1 months! This can be used to quickly see how you or your friends’ activity, decisions, performance, and trends have changed over the last year. It also compliments all of the rest of the new content on your profile…

More filters are on their way!

How many stripes have you earned?

Just below your new Time Filter, you’ll be hard pressed to miss your new Matches and Win Rate cards! For many players, these are among the two most important stats to view at a glance, which is why they now command a premium position on your profile. And as with everything else on your page, they’re now filterable!

Your Matches card shows your total match count, along with the date of your first Dota match. The yellow meter shown below visualizes your entire career as a series of segments, each representing up to 100 matches. When you filter away matches, you’ll see your segments adjust to reflect the new total.

Right beside it, your Win Rate card highlights your overall win rate, along with your record. As more filters go live in future updates, these cards will serve to answer your most basic questions for the matches in your query.

A modern take on a familiar view

Up next, we’re very happy to introduce something that you probably feel like you’ve been introduced to at least a couple times before…your new Activity Chart! While you wouldn’t be wrong to have a sense of familiarity while viewing this piece of your profile, there are actually several new and returning aspects that we hope you’ll really appreciate.

First, we’ve kept your STRATZ Activity Score active, and now use it to compliment your new visual activity chart. The Activity Score provides great glance value by describing how much Dota you’ve been playing over the last 10–20 days.

Next, instead of simply visualizing how much you’ve played and how successful you’ve been over the last 16 weeks, we also show your match count over that time. For each day that you’ve played, you can hover to see which day it is, and what your win percentage and record was.

The size of the dot that represent your activity each day is calculated by adding one pixel to its height and width for each match you play, from 4px to 20px. Any day you manage to play at least 17 matches uses the maximum 20px render size. This allows for a high resolution representation of various players’ activity, with activity amounts rendering consistently between profiles.

The color of each of your dots represents your win rate for that day, and is calculated using a gradient from a pure green, to yellow, to red. On light theme (Daylight), the colors are darkened to improve contrast. Blukai also calculated an adjusted gradient for our color deficient users to enjoy!

We think you’ll really like this…

Continuing down your profile, the next new feature is your new Most Played Heroes section! This serves as a high level introduction to the data you can look at much more extensively on your Heroes Stats page, though we’ve also introduce 2 new things.

This section shows your top 5 most played heroes (again, specific to any filters you may have set). Along with your match count, you’ll also see your win rate and most played position for each hero.

While the percentage of your most played position gives a good idea of how you like to play your heroes, it often won’t be 100%. To accommodate any range of positions, we’ve introduced a new segmented position meter, which allows you to see your breakdown of position by hero. These segments are always shown in order from position 1 through 5, and render a small empty segment for unplayed positions. With these disabled segments in place, you can reliably identify which portions of the meter is representing which of the 5 positions.

Pro Tip: You can click the top-right facing arrow button in the top-right of this section to jump into your full Heroes Stats page!

Finally, while your top 5 most played heroes will often represent a significant amount of your overall pick percentage, this figure significantly varies between players. Highly versatile and active players may have played a relative low percentage of their matches with these heroes, while less versatile players will generally have a much higher pick rate represented in this section.

To handle this diversity of playstyles, we’ve added the combined pick rate percentage for this player with these 5 heroes to the bottom of this section. So whether you choose these heroes 10% of the time or 90% of the time, that information is clearly available!

…it has come’th!

Last but most definitely not least, your Teammates data is beginning to come in for the first time! Finally, you can see your match count and win rate with your top 5 teammates! We’re very excited to introduce this long awaited feature, and look forward to building it out in new and exciting ways alongside some of our upcoming releases!

Yes, your teammates are filtered as well!

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Did you miss our last Supdate? Take a look at the conclusion to our series of updates to Match Lanes!

See you soon!

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