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Peer Beyond Teammates

New stats from your teammates and opponents

Who gives you the strength to win?

Believe it or not, every game you play of Dota involves 9 other people. As much as it might sometimes feel otherwise, you’re not alone. And just like in a game of IRL basketball, the actions of those players will have a huge impact on the outcome of your matches.

You can’t control everything in the game. But if you choose to, you can have some control over who you play with.

Beginning today, you can use STRATZ to dive deep into your record with just about every player you’ve ever played with or against! Are your best Dota friends lifting you up or holding you down? Should you invite that one person to play more often, or perhaps find some new players to experiment with? Check out your new Peers page to begin answering those questions and more!

Your new Peers page shows you every player you’ve ever played 2 or more matches either with or against (in your last 10,000 matches). You can filter results by Pros, Teams, the Position you played, any period of Time, or any specific Player.

We also plan to add a way to only show players you’ve played at least X matches with or against, to limit the pool for you big timers out there.

For each player you’ve played with and/or against, you’ll find your match count, win rate, and wilson-score-derivated overall rating. You’ll also find the date of the most recent match you played with or against them.

New Player/Matches filters

Also new today are the much requested Player / Matches filters for teammates and opponents! Now, you can easily see all matches you’ve played with or against any of your friends. You’ll find these new filters tucked away in the “More Filters” select menu on the top right of your Matches page.

And of course, this new filter set is connected with your new Peers page — if you click on any row on your Peers page, you’ll navigate to your Matches page, pre-filtered to that player as your teammate!

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See you soon!

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