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Things happen fast at STRATZ. Almost every week new features are released, bugs are squashed, adjustments are made to accommodate the ever-changing game of Dota, and relentless effort goes into giving you something worth having, and often something never before seen.

Despite our aggressive pursuit of growth, ideation inevitable exceeds creation. Priorities at STRATZ can emerge suddenly, especially when triggered by changes to Dota or the demands of our community. For these reasons and more, the great works of Fantôme often remain veiled like an intricate tattoo that stays invisible until the skin has fully healed. Always there, always inevitable, but only known to those who saw the needle in action.

5 Weeks and $26.2 million later 🤑

Behold! From Fantôme’s vault, we bring you not only the most beautiful piece of your [expanding] STRATZ Dashboard, but also another unique insight into the world of Dota with your 2020 Battle Pass Card. With up-to-date tracking of this year’s collective Battle Pass contributions, and a personal tracker that’s automatically unlocked for public logged-in STRATZ users, you can reflect on your commitment to the game in a whole new way. Are you doing your part to ensure that we set another new esports prize pool record?

The real news on the side of the spectrum this week comes from a collection of small-but-mighty design updates that have also been hanging on the shelf. We wrote last week that loading up today would result in a refreshed experience everywhere on the site. While there’s a little more to finish before we can unleash the full extent of that refresh, our release today begins to give a glimpse of how things have evolved.

First, as long-time STRATZ users will remember, our site theming has gone through 3 major overhauls in the last 3.5 years. We’re happy with where this process has landed us, though there’s been a common theme that has defined a major part of the last 2 theme updates — the removal of, and highly specific use of, color.

We love color. Dota is a spectacularly vibrant game (looking at you, Arcana/Immortals) even at the lowest settings, and it deserves to have its stats presented in a way that reflects its bold, radiant presence. But color can compete with what’s important and familiar (looking at you, Arcana/Immortals), and too much can be distracting and even disorienting.

Today, we give you a small taste of a broader illumination that’s happening with our expanded use of color on

Your STRATZ profile will now build a unique theme based on your avatar

Color is personal, and your gaming environment ought to be one that is customized by you. Just as Valve lets you express yourself through your account avatar, so too will STRATZ, by spreading your avatar’s hue across your personal profile. This is a change that we’re expanding to the entire site, giving every page a theme built from that page’s identity.

This addition of color is carefully balanced to avoid overwhelming the interface by setting appropriate blurs and opacities. Likewise, you’ll notice that the section headers found across the STRATZ experience are now significantly slimmer, with smaller but still punchy font.

Many pages on are getting stats that stand out above the rest

Another addition that we’re releasing part of today is a new page Summary Row — a collection of data highlights specific to the page you’re looking at. Currently live on your profile’s Overview page, the Summary Row content represents stand-out data that’s insightful at a glance. Several more pages will be buffed with this new feature very soon, with a connection to each page’s filtered state coming shortly thereafter.

On the STRATZ+ side of the court, we’ve got some exciting news as well. For a short time now, we’ve been testing the re-introduction of player history into the STRATZ AI networks, allowing the draft assistant to assess players based on their experience before picks are made to help improve recommendations and outcomes. This is already active on our beta release available in-app, and we’re looking towards a release to production next week.

Wondering where our latest STRATZ+ battle pass match predictions are? We’ve paused our prediction generation while we configure a way to bypass player history using our current models, since battle pass match prediction players are unknown until after results are released.

Also, we’ve just built an additional, brand new machine learning server to train STRATZ AI with. It’s our most powerful yet, and will enable us to train on previously prohibitively large sets of data, along with a number of other scaling benefits.

Coming up next week, we’re looking forward to finishing the updates described above to, along with another significant site-wide update that we haven’t teased 👀. You also have another fully rebuilt page to look forward to that we think you’re going to love!

Our second primary focus next week will be on addressing as many STRATZ+ bugs and adding support for as many additional users as possible. Too many people have been unable to make use of the best Dota 2 Draft Assistant for reasons outside of their control, and we intend to intervene on their behalf to whatever extent possible. Expect a significant low-feature high-function update to STRATZ+ at the end of next week.

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Did you miss our Supdate last Friday? Check out the new STRATZ+ Spectator Mode!

See you next Friday!

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