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Stay In Your Lane

Especially if you’re on a hot streak

We’ve all been there. 9 wins in a row and your beautiful green line of wins is nearly stretched to the bottom of your profile. All it takes is one more.

We’ve all been there. That 10th win is so sweet, so satisfying. So unachievable. Until today.

Finally, your greatest streaks of victories can be celebrated for all eternity. That’s because today your Heroes > Streaks page is live on! For the first time, you can enjoy reflecting on some of the most extraordinary win streaks that you likely never knew you had.

Who da best? You da best!

Your new Heroes > Streaks defaults to showing every hero you’ve played, ordered by their current longest win streak. The page visualizes up to your most recent 25 matches from right to left, with win streaks in green and lose streaks in red. Matches that aren’t a part of a streak appear as dim green or red dots. Each dot can be clicked to navigate to its respective match page.

SirActionSlacks is on a 5 game win streak with Techies…in the mid lane

While your current streaks will always be visible on the page, you can see what your best ever streaks were with each hero. In addition, you can filter down to get alternative perspectives. For example, you can check your streaks on just Battle Cup or turbo matches, or you can check what your heroes’ longest streaks have been in any position. You can also see streaks from a certain time period, or from a set of patches. Combine them all and explore as you please!

In the near future, we’ll be adding a way to view your overall best and current streaks as well, configured with the same set of filters.

🎼 Cruising, on a Safe Lane

Moving over to your post-match analysis area, you’ll find that we’ve just released your reimagined Match > Lanes page. Today’s release introduces some of the basic features and visualizations that we’ve prepared so far, though there’s much more coming!

For now, your new Lanes page gives a clear concise breakdown of the performance of each hero during the first 10 minutes of the match, broken down by top, middle, and bottom lanes. By default, heroes are sorted by Net Worth, but this can be adjusted any way you’d like.

Topson’s midlane Techies is pretty scary too…new meta?

For each hero, you can compare their position, level, k/d/a, net worth, last hits, and denies. Using this data, it’s easy to spot areas of strength and weakness that tend to emerge early on in your matches.

Again, this is just the beginning — we look forward to sharing much more with you soon!

This week we’ve also delivered some more cleanups and fixes, including resolving some issues and doing some minor buffs to multiple areas of your new Highlight Bar. We’ve also removed the Aghanim’s Labyrinth section from the site navigation and turned off the global meta pages, but the leaderboard and match pages will remain available as archives.

Next, we removed the Navigation Update highlight notification, since most users have already had a chance to explore its new features. And, some of you might recall that we were teasing another major update around the end of last year — well, it’s still inbound!

Things are moving along very nicely and we’re thrilled to be back on track with loads of new content scheduled for release. See you soon!

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Did you miss our last Supdate? Then come explore all the new hero stats you’ve unlocked on your profile!

See you soon!

Eric Phy




STRATZ provides free player data and statistics for Dota 2.

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