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A brief reflection on our incredible journey

It’s startling just how quickly a year can pass, and just how much can change during such a small period of time. 2021 was a heck of a year, which saw the STRATZ team face tremendous new challenges, experience massive growth in our community, and all around kick butt in every corner of the Dota-verse.

Everything was a little crazy coming out of last year. TI10 was postponed, then rescheduled, then re-rescheduled. Valve had to figure out how to segway into a TI without a traditional Compendium season. But the Dota community persevered, and even managed to grow about 7%! While Dota has never slouched in its commanding presence, it’s fantastic to see it beginning to grow once again.

Meanwhile, STRATZ has been thriving. Our growth has exceeded even our own ambitions, and what it means for us to make on impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of players has begun to be realized.

Comparing December 2020 to this December, our monthly traffic has increased over 336%, with an increase of unique visitors of over 250%. Logged-in user traffic has increased over 206% during that same period. And the numbers are even more impressive when comparing year over year averages.

We’ve also begun working with two of the top teams in the world this year, supporting them with private, custom-built software and analytics. We’ve established and developed relationships with some of the top names in the Dota community, and have added even more power to the already best-in-class resources available through the STRATZ API. We’ve also established close relationships with some of the most influential stats providers in the Dota space, which we’re super excited to share details regarding early next year.

The startling amount of development we’ve released publicly this year would be rather daunting to present in its entirety. However, it’s worth taking a look at some of our top achievements over the course of 2021.

Broken down by month, here are just some of the highlights from our development progress this year:

- Recreate (historical matchmaking, real-time players in queue, and more)
- Introduce support for Aghanim’s Shards and Scepters for every hero
- Begin tracking world’s first Grandmaster players by hero
- Introduce Match / Performance pages for analyzing IMP
- Massive refactor of codebase from javascript to typescript
- Upgrade Storybook (component library manager) from 5.0 to 6.1
- Introduce hero Buffs into post-match analysis
- Upgrade our Knowledge Base (FAQ)

- Introduce a completely new Homepage for non-logged in users
- Introduce new STRATZ wordmark and major updates to branding guidelines
- Introduce new Search page
- Add Aghanim Shard/Scepter tooltips, specific to each hero
- Introduce new user settings page
- Introduce new App Bar
- Update Quicksearch
- Update Follow System Settings for Players and Leagues

- Introduce the Dashboard, serving as a homepage to logged-in users
- Massive update to STRATZ theming and palette, including branching into 3 total themes (Daylight, Twilight, Midnight)
- Introduce Chinese and Thai language support
- Major updates to German and Portuguese language support
- Introduce STRATZ+ Hero Exclusion List
- Bring back last 100 matches Trends option to Player Profile
- Basic support for new hero, Dawnbreaker
- Introduce DPC standings to Dashboard

- Complete support for Dawnbreaker, along with updates to IMP
- Major updates and fixes to Hero / Meta

- Introduce the entirely new Leagues and League sections of
- Add Series navigation to Match pages
- Add support for Hero Attribute upgrades (hero attribute upgrades on level
- Improvements to IMP

- Major update to IMP
- Introduce Special Events page
- Introduce Site Map page
- Major localization updates
- New Match Awards, to compliment new IMP range
- Introduce Nemestice Battle Pass Leaderboard
- Introduce Hero Attributes pages
- Introduce Hero Graphs pages
- Begin support for The International 10

- Introduce Hero Abilities pages
- Add support for anonymous League Matches history on player pages
- Updates to TI10 support

- Introduce Live Matches into beta

- Introduce Live Matches to everyone (both Live Matches and Live Matches pages)
- Partner with Perfect World as a data supplier for Dota in China
- Fix major Gitlocalize bug, allowing for full support for Chinese, Thai, German, and Portuguese
- Announce data partnership with [undisclosed team] in preparation for and during TI10
- Add Team stats to pro Live Match pages
- Add Live Matches filters

- Begin major site navigation update
- Introduce Team pages
- Share introductory material across social platforms for our TI10 tools
- Create custom reddit TI10 leaderboards
- Add support for navigating between league stages on some League pages (Qualifiers, Group Stage, Main Event)
- Introduce new STRATZ Discord Bot (authored by TheAmazingLooser)
- Add Live Match links across the site
- Activate IMP tab on Live Matches
- Introduce Day 1 support for Marci
- Another major update to Hero Meta Trends
- Begin our search for an additional React Developer (spoiler alert: we found them — introductory announcement forthcoming!)
- Major improvements to API and Backend performance (GraphQL, SQL, and Websockets)
- Improvements to IMP
- A short rest period for the team following TI10

- Introduce new API page, and entirely new API authentication system

- Complete support for the revamped Aghanim’s Labyrinth
- Introduce the new Aghanim’s Labyrinth leaderboard
- Continued work on unannounced major releases

There’s a boatload of new features and announcements that we weren’t quite able to squeeze into the end of 2021, but those just make the buildup to 2022 all the sweeter! There is an absurdly staggering amount of new features and releases we have planned, along with entirely new forms of development that we expect to be able to introduce to you later this year.

We want to thank our incredible community of project collaborators, translators, testers, partners, advocates, and users for an incredible 2021! Working with such passionate and skilled people has been an unplanned joyride, and we can’t wait to see how much better we can help make the competitive gaming landscape in 2022 and beyond!

Enjoy keeping up with what’s happening at STRATZ? Follow us on Medium, Twitter, or Facebook to get notifications of our latest Supdates! If you want to get more involved, join us on Discord!

Did you miss our last Supdate? Learn about our massive new API updates!

See you soon!

Eric Phy




STRATZ provides free player data and statistics for Dota 2.

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